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Knuckles & Double Contact Zap Electric Stun Gun Weapon

Just as people know how to use most tools with their hands, many self-defense products are useful on account of being hand weapons alone. Stun guns in particular are handheld weapons with which the foremost attack method is a straight thrust to the body. All it really takes is to grip the stun gun firmly and execute the thrust just as vigorously to stop an attacker within seconds. Innovative stun guns have even taken weapon holding to whole new levels. There is a Zap electric stun gun weapon that you wear like knuckles, for example, and one other with its probes placed far apart. For certain people with certain hand movement styles, these could be the perfect weapons for self-defense.

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How to Defend Yourself at Close Quarters

Melee weapons, which refer to those designed for hand-to-hand combat, have long existed and are some of the most ancient weapons out there. These could be bladed like swords and knives, blunt like hammers and spiked maces, axes and pickaxes, or other kinds for hand or fist use, like war fans and brass knuckles. They are the ideal weapons for close-quarters combat, whereas ranged weapons such as crossbows, javelins, and projectile types are suited to combat occurring at a long distance.

Combat at close quarters is very much a reality now as it was then. The Spartans carried the xiphos, their double-edged short sword, to war way back when, and Hindu elite military wore a katar, their push dagger, at their side for self-defense. These days, you have to be armed and ready in case you are mugged at knifepoint, cornered by a sexual or physical abuser, taken hostage, or assaulted in your face in any other way. Many crimes that could happen to you today would happen to you at close range and thus require a means of close-range defense.

Stun guns are modern handheld weapons that have to be pushed right to the targeted part of the body to use, not unlike a xiphos or a katar. One big difference, however, is that you must apply force to jab at it with those push daggers and thrusting swords. With a stun gun, you push only to have the electrified probes at the tips make contact with the body so they can administer an electric shock to the target.

Also, the short blades require you to move quickly and dodge masterfully since you will need to get close to the opponent in order to strike. Those are helpful combat moves at any rate, but with a stun gun, the physical closeness is a far lesser threat. The enemy will be convulsing and unable to move their muscles immediately after they are stunned, regardless that they are right next to you. If you have normal fighting skills nowhere near what the warriors of Ancient Greece or Medieval India can do, stun guns are some of your best bets for close combat.

Hand-to-Hand Combat with Knuckle Stun Guns

The Zap Stun Gun manufacturer has some innovative ideas about defensive hand weapons, and the ZAP Knuckle Blaster is a very good example. One look is all it takes to know that this compact stun gun is not like any other. It resembles those brass knuckles for melee combat, except that you take much lesser effort to pummel your assailant with these stun gun knuckles.

In fact, you do not whack the attacker with a knuckle stun gun but just touch them with it. In boxing, you might be taught to put your body weight into your fist to produce a powerful punch. You will need to apply force as well when trading blows while wearing brass knuckles. The good news is that you do make a punching move with these Blast Knuckles, which is a natural hand movement anyone can pull off. The better news is that you just mimic a punch to poke the bad person’s body with the probes and then let your electroshock weapon do the rest.

You do not have to be stronger than the attacker for your punch to be effective. Any Zap stun gun video online or on YouTube showing the Knuckle Blaster in action will prove as much. Even a light press of the device onto the body will suffice to let it unload 950,000 volts that will inflict pain, throw the person off balance, and paralyze them temporarily. The voltage courses through 4.5 milliamps, ensuring you have a non-lethal weapon in your hand, or on it.

As a bonus, you operate this knuckle stun gun with just one hand. On the hand that wears it, you can reach the built-in safety switch with your thumb to flip it off and then use the same thumb to fire the now-activated weapon. This one-hand usage lets you do it fast in one fluid motion, too. And still unlike brass knuckles, this one’s rubber skin allows it to be flexible to all hand sizes.

The Double-Edged Double Contact Stun Guns

Stun guns are designed to have a pair of protruding metal probes through which electric current can pass from the device to the target. Since stun guns are shaped and sized like cell phones or remote controls, these probes are typically located 1.5 inches apart on one end. The emanating currents form an electric arc that serves to scare even more.

The Zap Double Trouble Stun Gun is not like that. Its horseshoe shape puts 5 inches in between the probes located on two parallel ends. The effect is such that a larger area of the body, or perhaps two neighboring areas, will receive the electrical charges, as though the recipient is being hit by two stun guns instead of one.

The electrified probes spaced wider apart will unleash a total of 1.2 million volts. For the Zap Stun Gun price for a single device, it will mean double the pain, disorientation, and immobilization for your assailant. And you can imagine the sinister-looking electric arc that will come out. Some users might even find the horseshoe design to be easier to handle during an attack situation.