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Stun Master 20 Million Volt Bad Ass Metal Stun Baton and Flashlight

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Blind, Buzz and Bash! Introducing the all new Stun Master Bad Ass!

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Detailed Description

Stun Master® Bad Ass Metal Baton with Stun Gun

A stun gun can incapacitate an attacker instantly with its electrical current, but sometimes, you might be facing off against someone very large and strong, or they might have a gun. In order to make up for the distance and strength, you will need a defense baton with stun gun, which is longer than the average stun gun and doubles as an impact weapon.

Stun batons, like the Stun Master® 20 Million Volt Bad Ass Metal Stun Baton and Flashlight, are built for their length. A few can also be used as effective blunt weapons. Not only do you get extra distance with the best baton stun guns but you can also make sure that an attacker is struck down.

Why Buy a Baton Stun Gun?

With one look at this Stun Master® Stun Baton, you will notice the biggest difference it has from ordinary stun guns: it is longer. This ensures you do not have to be too up close to your attacker in order to strike them safely. You can shock them from a reasonable distance.

The length of the baton also ensures you can defend yourself against an attacker’s weapon. It is very likely that a mugger or rapist will be carrying a knife or a gun, and you can use the stun baton to block their attacks or to knock their weapon out of their hands.

Police stun batons can be used to hit an attacker like a club. In case the stun baton has been drained of its electrical power, you can still utilize it as a blunt weapon to strike them down. It becomes even more useful if the electrical power is still on because you can make sure that the attacker stays down after they have been shocked.

People have the instinct as well to grab something hurled their way. If you tried to stab and poke an attacker using the stun baton, their natural response would be to grab it at the end so it would not hit them. Once they have held it, turn the electric jolt on and shock them!

The stun baton effectiveness is increased by its build. The rod of the Bad Ass metal stun baton is made of the strongest metal known to man, aircraft-quality aluminum. This ensures the baton will not break when it clashes against an attacker’s own weapon, say, a knife or baseball bat.

How Stun Guns Cause Incapacitation

In the Stun Master® Bad Ass Metal Stun Baton, there are 20 million volts ensuring the electrical current passes through barriers like skin and half an inch of clothing. It utilizes low amperage of 4.9 milliamps, which will see to it the current can deal damage but not kill a person.

Stun guns and stun batons are not complicated devices. They produce an electric shock that stops a person from attacking you. They do this by dispensing a lot of voltage that runs through minimal amperage, which is essential for them to be safe but powerful self-defense tools.

When the electrical current gets into the body, it disrupts how the nervous system delivers signals to and from the brain through synapses. This upsets muscle movement and causes spasms and full-body paralysis, all temporarily.

A quick application is enough to cause pain. Another dose will bring about muscle spasms and confusion. Continue to apply the current for 3 to 5 seconds, and the attacker will lose all mobility and balance while feeling disorientation and confusion. How can someone attack you if they lose control of their body like that?

Powering this stun baton is a rechargeable battery. You get a free wall charger included, too. So, to make sure you optimize the use of the weapon’s 20 million volts, always keep it fully charged. You do not have to worry about buying batteries all the time, saving you time and money.

The Power of a Built-in Flashlight and Extra Features

This Stun Master® baton stun gun flashlight has a built-in 120-lumen flashlight. That is bright enough to light your path in a dark night, and it is also effective as a means of self-defense. After all, it is bright enough to blind anyone who gets flashed directly at their face.

If someone is following you or trying to rush at you, turn the flashlight on. The concentrated bright light will not only surprise them but also blind them momentarily. This gives you a few good seconds to use the stun gun and strike at their neck, groin, tummy, or armpit.

Armed with the bright flashlight, together with 20 million volts and 4.9 milliamps of power and aircraft-quality aluminum, you can choose to blind, buzz, and bash any attacker. Whether you are patrolling the neighborhood, going home at night, or just resting in your car or home when someone breaks in and tries to harm you suddenly, you know you will have several options at hand.

Apart from those, one of the best extra features of the Bad Ass is the included free nylon holster. Stun gun holsters are important because you always have to make sure your stun baton is within reach. If you need to waste time searching for it in a bag, then you are in serious danger already. Most of the time, it takes only 3 seconds for an attacker to get to you and harm you. With a holster, you can get and use your stun gun in an instant.

To make sure the stun baton does not get knocked out of your hand easily, and to ensure it will not slip, it is covered with a special rubberized coating. This coating makes it easy to grip and easy to hold on to, but remember that this applies only to the handle. The length of the rod itself will be electrified.

The price is far lower than what you would expect, which makes it ideal for self-defense classes. You can buy several of these for your students. Women, children, and security organizations will have no trouble funding to make sure everyone can have one of these effective stun batons.

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