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Stun Master 3 Million Volt Rechargeable Lipstick Stun Gun with Flashlight - Pink

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The Pink Stun Master 3,000,000 volt lipstick stun gun with flashlight is secretly disguised in a decorative tube of lipstick and has 4.2 milliamps depending on the freshness of the batteries.Its innovative design makes it one of the coolest things we have added to our product line in recent years.

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Detailed Description

Stun Master® Pink Lipstick Stun Gun and Flashlight

More and more women are discovering the advantages of carrying a self-defense weapon. Among the most preferred devices is the Stun Master® pink lipstick stun gun and flashlight since it is easy to carry, simple to operate, and effective when used.  Furthermore, it has the added advantage of being small for easy concealment, and of being disguised, which puts the element of surprise in the wielder’s favor.
Stun Guns for Personal Protection

While crime can happen to anyone regardless of age and gender, statistics show that for certain types of offense, women are more prone to be targeted by miscreants. However, rather than live in fear or feel helpless, women can prepare to defend themselves by having a stun gun in their possession, whether they are off to work, out with friends or on a date, or even when jogging or taking a walk.

A stun gun, being an electroshock weapon, uses electricity primarily to incapacitate an attacker.  Administering an electric shock will cause the target a certain amount of pain, which will stop them in their tracks. The Stun Master® 3 Million Volt Rechargeable Pink Lipstick Stun Gun with Flashlight, as the name suggests, gives off 3 million volts of electricity, and when fully charged, it boasts 4.2 milliamps. Apart from pain, the shock also causes a target to lose control temporarily of their superficial muscles, making them incapable of continuing their misdeeds.

The effects are temporary and will wear off in several minutes, but those precious few minutes an attacker is down are just what one needs to run away to safety and find help. Just as importantly, it is an effective way of defense without resorting to violence or a bloody confrontation, which could, in the least, cause problems with the authorities, or worse, be fatal to either or both involved parties.

How Women Should Choose Stun Guns

There are different types of stun guns that women can choose from, but there are certain models designed with the woman in mind, like the stun gun lipstick. These are often small and disguised so ladies can conceal them in an evening purse or a jacket pocket.

Disguised Stun Gun  

A woman facing a threatening situation can turn the odds in her favor by having the element of surprise on her side. This can work if a would-be victim wields a self-defense weapon that does not look like a weapon at all, such as a Stun Master® Pink Lipstick Stun Gun. Since this particular model mimics a piece of makeup, it is unlikely to cause an attacker to raise their guard. Caught unawares, a miscreant will not be able to react fast enough or formulate a counter-move, allowing the victim to launch their defense more effectively.

Lipstick stun gun sale stores offer the device in different colors, namely, black, pink, red, gold, and purple. These colors are not associated with self-defense, and thus, will not alert an attacker that the device is a weapon. Tastefully designed, it is rather indistinguishable from real lipstick and does not look out of place with evening wear, office attire, casual clothing, or even a rugged outfit.

Fashion stun guns like this product are designed specifically to look attractive and feminine, meant to be underestimated by an attacker as nothing more than a beauty product. A pink stun gun is a clever choice since the color itself gives the illusion of tenderness and non-aggression, and of femininity and romance, rather than of power that comes from a huge jolt of electricity.   

Mini Stun Gun

While a large self-defense weapon can cause an attacker to back off a bit, it can also cause further aggression. A small stun gun, on the other hand, is hardly noticeable and is unlikely to aggravate an already threatening situation.  

Small enough to be held in one’s hand, this lipstick stun gun is truly inconspicuous. It measures 5 inches in length, about the size of a regular pen, and is 1 inch in diameter. It can be activated by pressing one of the two buttons under the cap (the other one is for the built-in flashlight).

Flashlight Stun Gun

Another factor that women can consider when selecting a stun gun is its added features. For this, lipstick keychain mini stun gun reviews are a good source of comparison.

For instance, the Stun Master® Lipstick Stun Gun has a built-in flashlight. Since it is natural to hold a flashlight at night while walking to the car or to the front door, this feature makes the device look less like a stun gun. Apart from illumination, the flashlight also provides the added advantage of having one’s self-defense weapon in hand and ready for use at a moment’s notice. You will not need to fumble inside your bag or pocket while in a very tight situation.

Rechargeable Stun Gun

Women must also consider the battery of their stun gun. It must be charged at all times, but it can be quite inconvenient to keep on purchasing disposable batteries. The best lipstick stun gun is equipped with a built-in rechargeable battery and comes with an integrated charger, just like this one. All an owner has to do is plug the device into a wall socket to charge it.

Effective Stun Gun Use

Of course, regardless of the weapon’s capacity, a lot of the defense factor relies on the wielder. A stun gun owner needs to take the time to familiarize themselves with their weapon so it does not feel strange or alien in their hand.

Apart from knowing how your stun gun lipstick works, you must also learn to operate it by feel alone. This way, you can get the device ready while keeping your eye on the attacker and their movements.

Also, you need to practice retrieving the weapon, ideally from a specific location on your person. As such, when the need arises, the motion will come naturally and fluidly, rather than you having to rummage through your belongings trying to find your device.

Additionally, it helps to visualize different scenarios and find the best way to administer the electric shock.

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