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Stun Master Li'l Guy 12,000,000 volts Blue Stun Gun with Flashlight and Nylon Holster

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This little stun gun is small and compact with 4.4 milliamps depending on the freshness of the batteries.

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Detailed Description

Li'l Guy Blue Powerful Compact Stun Gun Reviews

The power of small stun guns should not be underestimated, although it would sure be satisfying to watch attackers misjudge them for looking like harmless little objects. Different compact stun gun reviews would reveal that these weapons may be small but can definitely send a powerful jolt to the culprits when they get hit with the metal prongs on one end of the device. The Li’l Guy Stun Guns are great self-defense tools for their small size and for other excellent reasons, too.

Vital Protection by Compact Stun Guns

How do small stun guns work for your self-defense? First of all, the compact size will make it easy for you to carry one around. You can put it in your pocket or a holster wherever you go. If you feel unsafe while walking at night, going to your car in a parking lot with no security officers in sight, or passing through an empty, open area even at broad daylight, then you can hold a small stun gun conveniently in your hand and be ready just in case someone comes to threaten your safety.

Little stun guns are also easy to hide, so you have the advantage of surprising your attacker, who would otherwise think that you are a defenseless citizen.

The Stun Master® Li'l Guy 12,000,000-Volt Stun Gun in Blue, with Flashlight and Nylon Holster, is certainly small, and it is definitely packed with power for protecting you from your would-be attackers. Provided the batteries are fresh, it can release 12 million volts through 4.4 milliamps. That should be enough to immobilize them and cause them to lose their sense of direction, thus giving you the opportunity to escape.

This device comes with batteries, but you will not have to buy or spend for those regularly because it has a built-in charger. It is one of the quality rechargeable stun guns on the market, and you just have to charge the included rechargeable batteries regularly to make sure you keep their juices at top levels all the time. That way, you will have a self-defense weapon you can count on during the crucial moments.

Amazingly, the size of the powerful Li'l Guy is only 3 ¾ x 1 ½ x ¾ inch, making it a portable gadget for anyone to bring along whether in a pocket or a handheld purse. Not everyone has the luxury of carrying a bagful of self-defense weapons, and it would be very impractical, of course. Something as handy as the Li'l Guy is a smart buy that will suffice in fending off attackers.

To make the Stun Master® Li'l Guy blue stun gun flashlight even more convenient to carry, it comes with a free nylon holster. Also, there are available leatherette stun gun holsters in various colors or prints designed specifically to suit this device in particular. The holsters have great features like a heavy-duty clip and a ring, which you can hang conveniently to your belt to provide you with fast and easy access to your stun gun. On top of having a nylon case included in your stun gun kit, you can make use of a sturdier leather stun gun holster if you choose.

The high voltage stun gun becomes a truly personal possession with its available variety of colors aside from blue. These are pink, red, black, purple, and green. There are also the patterned designs of snake skin, flower, and animal prints. Because of these styles, the stun guns would not be recognized immediately as self-defense weapons if seen in public accidentally.

If you are a fashion-conscious individual who needs extra protection, these fashionable stun guns provide peace of mind. You do not need to sacrifice your overall look, too, with the many color and pattern choices you can have and match with your daily attire.

The Practical Uses of Small Stun Guns

The Stun Master® Li’l Guy Stun Gun is equipped with a super-bright LED flashlight. It would not be cumbersome for you to carry around because you can use it even in ordinary, everyday situations that involve no attacks, such as finding small stuff under a desk.

Flashlight stun guns provide an additional advantage to their wielders because the light from the device can serve as a first line of defense. A flashlight itself is a protective, non-lethal weapon that can be used against your opponent to blind, confuse, or displace them temporarily. When that happens, you then have the opening for using an electric shock against their body to disable them completely.

In that sense, a small stun gun flashlight is a worthy investment because you can use it either during ordinary times or in emergency situations, including threats to your personal safety. Do a flashlight stun gun test as soon as you have your weapon so that you will know how you can hit an attacker efficiently and quickly, with the bright beam and then the electrified probes, when real action takes place.

Just as importantly, the Li'l Guy Stun Guns are easy to use. Just put the switch in the lowest position to turn the device off. Place it in the middle position to activate the extra-bright LED light. Get it to the uppermost position, and electric shocks will be ready for action. When you press the trigger, the unit will release 12,000,000 volts out of its metal probes, protecting you from personal crimes like assault, robbery, harassment, and so on.

There may be different choices when it comes to stun guns, but they should all basically work the same way. With this blue Li’l Guy stun gun, you are assured your non-lethal weapon can release some real powerful voltage that can paralyze your attacker temporarily once and for all. This forces them to drop whatever sharp, harmful tool they are carrying, giving you the time to flee to safety and call out for help.

Your self-defense would not come with guilt, however, since a stun gun would not kill or cause any permanent bodily damage. Instead, it would put to a halt all the harm that your attacker intends to do to you.

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