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Stun Master Li'l Guy 12,000,000 volts Green Stun Gun with Flashlight and Nylon Holster

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This little stun gun is small and compact with 4.4 milliamps depending on the freshness of the batteries.

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Detailed Description

Li'l Guy Stun Gun Flashlight Rechargeable Green Model

The Stun Master® Li'l Guy 12,000,000-Volt Green Stun Gun with Flashlight and Nylon Holster is a self-defense weapon you can carry with you at all times. Besides coming with a built-in flashlight that can be useful in any situation with little to no light, it is also conveniently sized, making it easy to add to your daily inventory without having to make significant adjustments. For this stun gun flashlight rechargeable batteries come built in, too.

Rechargeable, Portable, Reliable

You will not need to bother with having to buy fresh batteries. All you need to do to charge the Li’l Guy is to take out the electric prongs on the side of the weapon that is opposite the buttons and to stick them into a wall socket. When fully charged, it is able to dish out 12,000,000 volts through 4.4 milliamps of electricity.

With those numbers, it can be hard to imagine that this compact stun gun is really just 3 and 3/4 of an inch long, 1 and 1/2 of an inch wide, and 3/4 of an inch thick. Not only is it a highly effective electroshock weapon, it is also one you can bring with you easily, in your pocket, a bag, or the separately available holster. Its cellphone-like shape is conducive for portability as well.

Whether or not it is the most powerful stun gun on the market, it packs enough electric current to be effective at stopping criminals, all while coming in a package small enough to comfortably fit even in the palm of your hand.

Additionally, the size makes it much easier to handle than most flashlight stun guns. Just wrap your palm and fingers around the Li'l Guy Stun Gun while your thumb rests on the controls (and not on the top where the probes are). The bottom switch is the safety. It is turned off when in the bottom position. Toggle it to the middle position to turn on the flashlight. Toggle it to the top to turn the safety off, allowing you to engage its stun function when you push the top button.

Remember, the Stun Master® Li'l Guy Green Stun Gun Flashlight is less than 4 inches long. You will have no trouble reaching and operating these very simple controls with the use of just your one hand.

Best Tactics for Small Stun Gun Flashlights

Quick and short jabs of shock can be administered quite easily, as the stunning effects of the Stun Master® Stun Guns can go through most types of clothing, including thick denim pants. Just make sure to push hard with the weapon and try to push through the clothes to get to the skin.

The motion you need to do here is similar to how you would stab with a short knife. Because of how small and light this weapon is, you can probably sneak in a couple of stabs in a matter of seconds. A moment of live contact alone is enough to push a person back. Imagine getting hit with 3 to 5 quick shocking stabs instead. Even the toughest career criminals are bound to fail that flashlight stun gun test.

If a couple short stabs won't cut it, try prolonged contact. While your attacker is confused from your first few short attacks, you can go in for the (non-literal) kill with a dose of prolonged contact.

Both quick attacks and prolonged attacks work best if you target the parts of the body that are more vulnerable to an electric shock. This includes the neck, the shoulders, the abdomen, the ribs, and of course, the groin. While it can be dangerous for your target to be hit in these areas with 4.4 milliamps of current, they should have thought about that before they attempted to rob you or threaten your life. If it is a matter of life and death, feel free to target these areas, and do not hold back.

Besides these basic attacks, you can apply a particular tactic that works best with fashion stun guns: use the Li'l Guy's small size and looks to deceive your opponent into thinking you are harmless. Wouldn't it be better to intimidate your opponent? In some cases, yes, but looking harmless has its advantages too. If your attacker does not know you have the means to fight back, it is easier to get in their guard and stun them.

This particular Stun Master® Li'l Guy can look especially harmless, not just because of its size and shape but also because of its green color. From afar, it can look like a cell phone or a similarly harmless gadget that a criminal attacker will not need to watch out for. Additionally, because these stylish stun guns are also flashlight stun guns, you can use them in the dark and look like you are just holding an ordinary flashlight.

If green is not your color, you can choose to get the product in other non-threatening colors, like pink, purple, blue, or red. It even comes in patterns that can also serve as disguises, like snake skin, animal print, and flower design. Choose whichever color or pattern will look best on you. You will be better able to deceive criminals that way, making it easier to strike them where it hurts. If you can pull it off, you can also get the Li'l Guy Stun Gun in black.

Free Matching Li'l Guy Stun Gun Holster

Stun gun holsters provide an easy way not just to carry your stun gun but also to deploy it. Thankfully, purchasing the Li'l Guy comes with its own matching green holster. Besides allowing your stun gun to look even more harmless, the holster is the perfect way to clip your weapon onto a place on your body where your hands can grab it easily.

If you are carrying a stun gun flashlight police level protection can literally be at the palm of your hands. Small stun guns like the Li'l Guy may not look like much on the outside, but when these rechargeable stun guns have their batteries full, they can pack a solid punch.

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