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Stun Master® 12 Million Volt Stun Baton Black

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Stun Master® 12 Million Volt Stun Baton Black - The rubberized coating ensures a firm grip and the strips down the barrel of the stun baton release a hellish shock to anyone trying to take the baton from you.

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Detailed Description

Stun Master® Self-Defense Stun Gun Batons for Sale

Karate masters employ hit-and-run tactics: making successful, significant strikes and then retreating immediately from the opponent, back into a stance that is ready for further attack. It is similar to how fencing works, and it is a tactic that can be used very effectively with the Stun Master® 12 Million Volt Stun Baton Black Model, even by amateurs. This is simply because these stun batons for sale are longer than your ordinary flashlight stun guns.

A Longer Reach for Greater Effectiveness

When you are trapped into a physical confrontation with a criminal who wants to either harm you or take your property, these high voltage stun guns can give you the much-needed leverage of distance. The couple more inches of reach that it can give you during a melee encounter is enough to turn the tide of any battle. This is essentially how stun batons can work to your advantage.

If your attacker is holding a knife, pipe, or a similar weapon, it will be much safer to engage them with the black Stun Master® Stun Baton than with an ordinary stun gun. Having the option of maintaining a certain distance between you and your attacker can allow you to avoid unnecessarily getting injured. Additionally, a longer reach gives you more openings to capitalize on, since the vulnerable parts of your attacker's body will be a few inches more within your reach.

The vulnerable parts include the armpits, shoulders, neck, abdomen, ribs, and groin. They will be much easier targets when you are armed with this kind of reach. You do not even have to thrust or hit hard with the stun baton. All you need to do is to activate the trigger and make contact with the electrical probes at the top of the weapon. Half a second of live contact is enough for your attacker to feel the pain of 12,000,000 volts of electricity, making them confused and opening them up to attacks with longer durations and even more painful, paralyzing effects on their muscles.

Built-In Anti-Disarming Mechanisms

Besides its reach, what sets Stun Master® apart from other stun baton brands is its dual fail-safe mechanisms that are built into the device. The first are the metal strips on opposite sides of the weapon's shaft. This protects you from being disarmed by shocking any hand that makes the mistake of grabbing the stun baton's shaft. As long as the trigger for activating the electrical probes at the top is active, so are these metal straps.

You can also use them to attack from the side. And just like the electrical probes, you will not have to swing or hit hard in order to be effective, as contact alone is enough to administer the signature pain and shock of a stun gun.

The second anti-disarming mechanism is the wrist strap disable pin. This is set up by plugging the pin into a hole at the bottom of the weapon and then wrapping the strap on your wrist as you hold the weapon firmly. If, despite the active metal straps, someone still manages to pull the weapon from your hand, the pin will be pulled out automatically, which in turn immediately disables all the functions of the weapon. This prevents criminals from disarming you and then using the weapon against you. Once the pin is placed back into the weapon, it is going to function normally again.

Other Stun Baton Tactics

These stun batons are also rechargeable stun guns. You can ensure that your Stun Master® baton stun gun is able to deliver its full voltage and milliamps by keeping it fully charged. All you need is to find a working electrical socket.

There is also a very bright built-in 3-function flashlight that allows the baton to be useful even when you are not fending off criminal elements. Its 3 modes are strobe, low beam, and high beam.

When your car breaks down at the side of the highway and you forget to bring an early warning device, the flashlight's strobe can be used to warn other cars of your presence. The high beam can be useful for visibility in any location or situation with virtually no light, such as when you are looking for people who are trapped in the woods. The low beam can be useful in any number of situations that need regular illumination.

Do not forget, while you are holding a flashlight, you are a flip of a switch away from holding a stun gun. This is the flashlight that keeps you armed and ready for attack or defense. If you are using it to see what you are doing as you attempt to fix your car, any car thief who tries to take advantage of your situation is going to be sorry.

If you are using it to simply light your way as you walk down potentially dangerous streets, you can use it to appear as though armed with nothing more than just a normal flashlight. Any criminals who make the mistake of attacking you then would receive the painful sensation of personally finding out that you are really holding a stun gun with considerable reach. If you want to use the tactic of hiding the fact that you are armed with a melee weapon, you can get these stylish stun guns in the less threatening colors of pink or purple.

Besides a wall charger for keeping your weapon's batteries full, there is also a free nylon holster that comes with purchase. Holsters can be great for saving space, as they can be attached to your person without taking up space in your pockets or your bags. The most important thing about holsters is that they allow you to draw your weapon much more quickly. If you place your holster somewhere your hand can reach it easily, you will have immediate access to your weapon. This will be very important in any close-quarters encounter with a criminal.

If you are armed with the best stun batons defense against criminals is a lot easier. Each Stun Master® black stun baton comes with a lifetime warranty.

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