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Garrett's SuperScanner V

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Garrett's SuperScanner V is the most recognized hand-held metal detector in the world.

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Detailed Description

Garrett SuperScanner V High Sensitivity Handheld Metal Detector

Commercial establishments are a large part of society and draw a lot of people constantly. Imagine the chaos that would ensue if a gunman ran amok in such public places or if a bomb went off in the most crowded area. Maintaining security day by day in these locations can start smart and simple, such as by arming the security guard at the door with a high sensitivity handheld metal detector. Garrett’s SuperScanner V is an excellent choice.

Being able to scan for guns, blades, bombs, and contraband is beneficial to the safety of stores and establishments and their occupants. This goes for any place or event that draws a large crowd, as it is the high density of its population that really puts security at risk. The SuperScanner V and other Garrett security metal detectors filter out people who are attempting to smuggle illegal items into the premises, most likely with criminal intent.

Your First Line of Defense

Almost everyone has come across security scanners at the airport. They have undeniably increased security during aerial travel. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and types, and among those are the all-too-familiar handheld metal detectors. These portable metal scanners give their users the ability to detect guns, blades, and contraband packed in foil early enough to keep such items from ever entering the targeted building or event. They are essential tools in preventive security.

A Trusted Security Scanning Device

A metal scanner can be as big as a door, so that the person being checked can simply walk under or through it for the scanner to determine if they are carrying any suspicious metal object on them. A scanner like that is not quite practical for use in most shops or events, although this does not mean you then have to give up on security. There are many handheld metal scanners on the market, with Garrett’s SuperScanner V being considered among the best, what with the Garrett name being long known for its engineering.

The Garrett Super Scanner V security metal detector wand has an 8-inch scan surface to provide a quick yet efficient scan. It is capable of detecting a medium-sized pistol from a distance of 9 inches, which is more than enough to cover any type of concealment; blades, from large knives to those as thin as box cutters, within 6 inches to 3 inches, respectively; and foil-wrapped contraband for just an inch from the scanning surface.

This self-calibrating metal scanner utilizes digital microprocessor technology that eliminates the necessity for periodic sensitivity adjustments. It uses both a distinct loud alarm and a bright red LED to indicate the detection of metal.

It has three-colored LED indicators that provide distinguishable readings to disregard ambient such as watches, buckles, rebar, and metal walls. Furthermore, a green light indicates that the device is turned on, while an amber-colored light signals that the scanner is low on power.

The Garret SuperScanner V Metal Detector is fitted with a high-impact ABS case with a reinforced coil compartment that keeps its sensitive internal components intact. Its simple design contributes to its popularity among security personnel. A weatherproof rubber handle comes in the standard model. This security scanner, powered by a single 9-volt battery, is as tough as the job requires.

How to Perform Efficient Security Checks

The SuperScanner V is a highly sensitive metal detector that will allow you to scan people as fast as within a few seconds. Simply wave the device around the person to determine if they are carrying a weapon or contraband with them. This lets you have efficient security checks without having to clog up the queue. A momentary push of a button pauses detection, giving way to ambient metallic objects, such as jewelry, rebar, and metal walls.

How does a handheld metal detector work, to begin with? There are three kinds of metal detectors: the very low frequency (VLF), pulse induction (PI), and beat-frequency oscillator (BFO) types. The VLF and PI metal detectors alike are powerful enough to detect minerals buried deep within the ground. Typically, BFO metal detectors are the ones used as security scanners.

A BFO scanner works by emitting a magnetic field, all the while reading radio waves during the scanning. It detects a metallic object by scanning an area. When a metallic object comes within the range of its magnetic field, this disrupts the radio waves, thus indicating that there is metal in the search area. This registers to the device immediately, and with the SuperScanner V, a red LED light then turns on and a loud alarm sounds.

BFO scanners are the best in this field of work for their reliability as well as versatility. They can be built as handheld devices that allow for vigorous searches and you being able to pinpoint the detection area. This means that you can determine if the weapon is concealed around the waist or in a leg holster, for instance.

Made by a 100% Reliable Brand

Garrett is a household name in the security scanner industry. The company has been around since 1964. While it supplies to an international market, it maintains manufacturing in the USA. This ensures that engineering is kept to a standard, which made it become a leading supplier of security metal detectors.

There is a selection of Garrett detectors, including the Tactical Hand-Held Metal Detector with Holster. The CSI Pro-Pointer is a less powerful metal detector compared to the SuperScanner V but powerful enough to pinpoint metallic objects. It is ideal for investigative purposes that may require pinpointing accuracy. You can get another powerful scanner with the SuperWand. It has the ability to detect ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, as well as stainless steel.

The manufacturer also provides accessories for its range of products, without exclusivity. This means that almost all these accessories are compatible with any one of the Garrett scanners. These include earphones, belt harnesses, and belt holders.

One accessory on this site that is compatible with every one of the Garrett security metal detectors is a Rechargeable Battery Kit that is able to charge 2 batteries at a time.

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