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DVR Camera Surveillance Systems for Home and Business

More than just video camera systems for capturing footage, surveillance systems for home and business are good visual deterrents against criminal behavior. This is because such behavior is often avoided by people who know they are being watched. It is just natural to try to act better when you know you are under consistent surveillance.

So, if you want to watch as well as modify people\'s behavior for the better, what you need is a system of cameras that can be installed in either your home or place of business. This makes it great for monitoring how the nanny is with the kids at home, how your employees behave during work hours, or if anyone is stealing from your warehouse inventory. Those are just some common uses of surveillance camera systems.

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Customize Your Surveillance System Based on Your Security Needs

You should purchase and install equipment based on your specific security needs. What is the size of the area that you want monitored? Would low-res cameras do, or will you need HD night vision cams? The answers to these questions can determine the equipment that is necessary for customizing a system tailored fit to your needs. Another basic but very important question is what kind of DVR you should get.

Digital video recorders (DVR) are a must for recording surveillance footage. The kind of DVR you need depends on the number of cameras you want installed. A 16-channel DVR can handle 16 cameras, and there are also 8-channel and 4-channel DVRs available. Besides being able to record footage from multiple professional cameras, these DVRs are capable of doing it in high definition or HD, ensuring that your captured footage is as clear as your cameras will allow. They also work like PC-based DVRs, so you can expect easy-to-understand interfaces when you are copying, viewing, and deleting footage from their memory.

If you are planning to install surveillance systems in schools, large offices, corporate warehouses, or any other place with a lot of area to cover, you had better go with 16 channels. You can also use a 16-channel DVR for thorough monitoring in medium to small areas, such as a camera in each and every room of your regular-sized household.

Now, more cameras is not always a good thing. You do not always need 16 or more security cameras to be thorough. Depending on the strategic placement of each camera and the quality of the footage they can capture, even a 4-camera setup can be more effective than 8 or 16 cameras. In fact, a poorly placed 16-camera surveillance system can be more trouble than it is worth.

It is all about finding the angles that can capture the footage you need to capture. Whichever DVR and however many cameras you are getting, you should make sure that you also purchase the multi-power supplies equipment to power all your cameras.

While a complete video surveillance system can provide 24/7 monitoring with very minimal manpower, and it can provide footage that is more reliable than any human's recounting of an incident from memory, it is still not the perfect system. There are plenty of ways to make it better.

Accessories Beyond the Basic Surveillance System for Tighter Security

Today's surveillance system can come with some tricks up its sleeve. These complementary technologies can increase your surveillance system's effectiveness, both at capturing incidents and in deterring crime.

For instance, you can install surveillance systems with audio and video capability, allowing you to capture footage with sound. When video surveillance accessories and equipment are combined with audio recorders, you can capture footage that is much more useful, as the captured sounds and voices can provide deeper insight into what really went on in a particular situation.

If the captured video alone is confusing, the missing parts of the story can be provided by the audio. With audio included in the footage, it is easier to determine who threatened who, or who said what: essentially more information for corroborating a story.

Just remember that there are stricter laws for audio recording than just video surveillance. It would be prudent to first research about the audio recording laws in your city or state before installing a system that can do it. You do not want to get on the rough side of the law just for trying to enforce order yourself.

Additionally, you can install dummy cameras that only look like working cameras. While they have no recording capability, they are the cheapest, most practical visual deterrents for areas that can no longer be covered by your budget. They do not even need to be wired to an actual power supply, as their flashing red LED lights require only store-bought batteries.

Hidden camera and bug detectors are another way to tighten security, particularly in areas that you suspect of being monitored by other parties. Using radio frequencies or laser visual detection, these detectors can determine if audio or video recording bugs are hidden in your home or office. If you fear that your corporate secrets are somehow being recorded and sold via audio spy bugs, hidden mics and/or covert cameras, then these counter-surveillance devices can help you flush them out.

These complementary devices can help your basic surveillance systems to become tighter and much more effective, giving it more layers of security for deterring criminal behavior in residential buildings or workplaces. You can even include another layer of security via home alarms, which can warn you when intruders are trespassing in your home or when people are using restricted areas in the workplace. A video and audio surveillance system can be even more effective when combined with area alarms, as this can allow you to confirm via video (and audio) what your alarm is warning you about.

If you are planning to put together effective surveillance systems retail stores online can provide you with much better deals and prices, and maybe even wholesale rates. Remember, choose your equipment based on the specific security needs of the areas that you are monitoring. Plan accordingly so you can spend accordingly.