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Bug Detectors

Hidden Camera & Bug Tracker Detector for Portable Use

Hidden cameras are very useful devices for monitoring employees or securing commercial establishments. Unfortunately, they can also be put to malevolent use. If you are a traveler who sleeps in different hotels and motels, you are at risk of being recorded by hidden cameras without your consent. If you are a top-level executive, or an activist or politician with strong political convictions, your workplace might already be bugged for sound. These are just some of the reasons why a bug tracker detector is vital to your personal security.

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The Lens Finder for Visual and Radio Detection

In certain situations, such as those mentioned above, a healthy amount of paranoia can go a long way towards genuine safety and peace of mind. If you really suspect you are being watched and recorded without your prior consent, what you need is the Lens Finder Bug Detector. It combines laser detection with RF or radio frequency detection. This is the hidden camera detector for the paranoid within reason. It allows you to be absolutely thorough when looking for bugs.

The laser detection feature works simply enough. Activate the laser light and look through the viewing port. Do this from the areas on which you think the hidden cameras are pointed. The idea is that the frequency of the laser light is calibrated in a way that it easily reflects on even the smallest hidden lenses. Any hidden lenses up to a distance of 10 feet will then appear to flash a red light, revealing the location of the covert cameras.

The Lens Finder Bug Detector can also do RF detection, which is much simpler. In this mode, you just need to wave the device around the area as if you are using a feather duster. It will automatically tell you when it detects radio frequencies, revealing the location of cameras as well as any other electronic bugs or microphones in the immediate area.

If you combine both of these methods, you are likely to detect any and all hidden bugs and spy cams in the room you will be using, whether it is in your own home, a strange hotel, a stranger's house, or anywhere else you do not feel totally safe from prying digital eyes and human eyes.

Radio Frequency Detection with Bug Detectors

Some devices, like the Bug Detector with Strength Meter, uses only radio frequencies in order to do its job of detecting spying devices. This one in particular has a strength meter that you can use to calibrate its sensitivity for different radio frequencies. This means it can be used to detect different types of wired and wireless surveillance devices, whether they are surveillance cameras or radio-transmitting microphones.

The same features can be found on the Digital High End Frequency Counter Bug Detector. What is special about this device is that it also has a 16-section visual bar graph to show the current RF strength it is detecting, making it easier to use than most bug detectors and jammers available in the counter-surveillance market. The frequency range of this bug tracker is 30 MHz to 2.8 GHz, while for the Bug Detector with Strength Meter, it is 1 MHz to 3 GHz.

Despite the differences of these 2 devices, they work using the same principle of detecting radio frequencies within adjustable ranges, and both are simple enough to be used by anyone who has minimal knowledge about RF detection and surveillance. Even a security novice can learn how to use it in a short period of time.

Our bug detectors are compact electronic wands that are easy to handle and operate, plus they come in very portable sizes that will allow you to take them almost anywhere. This is ideal because you can’t tell where or when you will need counter-surveillance. If your lifestyle or career puts you in a situation where you might be at risk of being recorded without your consent, it would be in your best interests to always take at least one of these devices with you. You never know when you might have to sniff out a hidden cam, microphone, or radio transmitter.

How to Use Bug Detectors Properly

Detecting hidden cameras or microphones is going to take some imagination on your part. If you suspect that someone has bugged a room, get into the mindset of that person. Why are you being recorded? What does that person want to record specifically? Answering these questions can give you great insight as to where these cameras and bugs might have been hidden.

For instance, if you are currently handling sensitive information in the form of paperwork, such as bank account details, corporate secrets, or long-term political strategy, maybe the hidden camera is pointed at your desk or any surface where such information might be located. If the sensitive information might be revealed during live or phone conversations, perhaps the audio bugs are somewhere near your work phone or common meeting areas of the office.

The point is that you have to try and think with malicious intent. If you were in the shoes of those who want to spy on you, how would you go about it? Where are the best places in the room for hiding small cameras and microphones? Where is the last place that you, the victim, might look?

Bug detectors exist to aid your search. Their effectiveness depends ultimately on your intelligence and intuition in ferreting out the recording and listening devices that may be hidden around you.

If you want to buy hidden camera detector devices and detectors for audio bugs, remember that you are well within your rights to do so. It is illegal to record people in private places such as homes, hotel rooms, bathrooms, and similar areas. You are free to use the necessary technology to counter the actions of anyone who might be trying to record you without your consent.

It is not just your right to fight back against spies; it is your duty. So go ahead and do whatever you can to defend your own right to privacy, safety, and general peace of mind.