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Dome Cameras

Outdoor, Indoor HD Vandal Proof Outdoor Dome Camera

Some of the surveillance cameras in your security system need to be tougher than the rest. This is because, in order to monitor certain locations securely, they need to be placed in areas where they will be vulnerable to the elements. If you are looking for cameras that are up to the task of getting hit with rain, snow, and the occasional accidental physical bump due to human error, you should check out the vandal proof outdoor dome camera devices.

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How Tough Should the Best Dome CCTV Camera Be?

In the case of the weatherproof IntelliSpy Dome Cameras, the answer lies in their protection level rating of IP65. IP means Ingress Protection. It is a measure of how much physical protection electronic devices have against the ingress or entry of foreign elements. The numbers following IP, 6 and 5 in this case, have explanations of their own.

The first digit refers to protection against solids; 6 is the highest and means that the object is completely dustproof. The worst that dust can do to these dome cameras is to partly obscure their vision. You will not have to worry about dust getting into their circuits and doing internal damage. Other than regular outdoor monitoring, these cameras are also ideal for extra-dusty areas like buildings under construction, massive junk shops or used car lots, and warehouses that handle literally tons of cargo.

The second digit refers to protection against liquids; 5 means being water-resistant but not completely waterproof. You can't immerse the camera in water, but it can take almost all types of weather while mounted securely to the outside of your home. The 5 in IP65 means that the electronic equipment has been tested against low-pressure water and has been found to still be able to function properly. Regular rain with high winds will not be a problem.

Those are the particular reasons that these cameras are considered weatherproof. You can mount them freely in places where regular CCTV cameras would otherwise be disabled and useless due to the adverse environmental conditions. While you can be sure of the toughness of these dome cameras how they work during nighttime is another issue.

Night Vision Dome Security Cameras for Your Home

Another interesting feature that our IntelliSpy dome cameras have in common is night vision. In this case, night vision refers to thermal imaging, or infrared camera technology. When switched to night vision or IR mode, the cameras use special sensors to translate thermal data into electronic images that the human eye can comprehend. These dome surveillance cameras will allow you to see a thermal world that is normally invisible to the naked eye.

In this mode, they need no light at all to produce comprehensible images. Even if you point a cameras at areas of your home or business with no visible light, it will still be able to detect any warm objects that may be passing through the area, including light-footed home invaders, burglars, thieves, and attackers, and even elite spies who specialize at moving unseen in the dark.

No caliber of criminal is safe from detection. It does not matter how stealthy they are. Unless they are wearing gear or using equipment that can mask the natural heat emanating from their body, they are going to be detected by these security cameras. Even if the person invading your home or office has access to such gear, like a space blanket or a pane of glass, it would be too bulky and unwieldy to bring along in a heist.

Besides, there is no absolute way to hide from infrared cameras. You may be able to hide your body heat partially, but some of it is going to be detected inevitably by the sensors, revealing you to whoever watches the resulting footage. And if you are thinking about overloading the IR sensors by putting a superheated object in its field of vision, even that will not work.

These cameras have a smart IR function that limits IR strength in painting visible images. What this means is that when the camera detects too much IR strength coming from an object, it adjusts its sensitivity automatically to a level that will produce the clearest image. So, objects that are either giving off too much thermal energy or just too close to the camera will not be washed out in the resulting footage. The adjustment is automatic, so there is no way to fool the IR sensors into blindness.

This shared night vision feature is also where our two dome camera models can be identified from one another. One can see in night vision up to 45 feet, while the other can do it up to 60 feet. These distances, along with the number of IR sensors on each camera, are the main differences.

Dome Cameras with Crystal-Clear Footage

Weatherproofing and night vision are important characteristics for outdoor security cameras, but how about their raw ability to capture footage? What would the normal footage from our dome cameras look like?

The answer is crisp and crystal-clear, all thanks to the 3G-SDI technology behind them. This allows the cameras to capture HD footage even when objects in their field of vision are traveling in fast motion. In turn, this allows you to see faces, license plate numbers, and other small details clearly. Even if things are happening quickly, there will be no trailing in the footage, unlike what happens with blurry and grainy analog cameras.

While their 3G-SDI technology ensures clear images, even of objects in motion, their WDR technology takes care of ambient lighting. WDR allows your camera to adjust to whatever light is available in its field of vision, calibrating itself intelligently in order to capture the clearest possible image. This automatic adjustment happens whether there is too much or too little light to work with.

It is important to remember that because of their advanced surveillance capabilities, both the IntelliSpy Dome Camera with 45 Ft Night Vision and the one with 60 Ft Night Vision will work only when used with HD DVRs, which are also available here.