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Dummy Cameras

Dummy CCTV Cameras for Home and Shop Security

Not all of the video cameras in your surveillance system need to actually work and record footage in order to deter crime. Sometimes, it is enough to mount dummy CCTV cameras for home and even workplace security. It is the easiest way to fool criminals into thinking that their every move is being watched, compromising their ability immediately to accomplish criminal acts.

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Dummy Cameras for Crime Prevention

Dummy cameras work like scarecrows, but instead of scaring off birds that might damage your crops, they scare off criminals who are in the middle of calculating if the crime they are planning is worth the risk.

To these criminals, the sight of a mounted dummy camera presents different problematic scenarios: either their actions are being recorded, possibly creating evidence that can later be used against them, or someone on the other end of the camera is watching their actions live, which could result in immediate interference, possibly from security officers or law enforcement.

Through dummy surveillance cameras, you are throwing these scenarios into their calculations of risk versus reward, highlighting the risks involved in committing the actual crime.

It is an effective way to discourage criminal intent at home, the workplace, commercial establishments, warehouses, supermarkets, and wherever else they can look real once installed properly. Not only can these fake cameras prevent petty crimes like shoplifting, burglary, and robbery, but also violent ones like assault, harassment, and even rape. A single, well-installed dummy camera could literally save lives.

Dummy Surveillance Camera Features

The best outdoor dummy camera models use real security camera housing and external parts, making them look very realistic. The reason that dummy camera price ranges are much lower than those of security cameras is that all the essential parts, including the lens, are missing. Dummy cameras are just for show, nothing more. And to keep up the charade, certain dummy cams employ some pretty clever tactics.

For instance, the Indoor Motion Detecting Camera moves back and forth the moment it detects movement in the area it is covering. Along with a flashing red light, this back-and-forth motion supports the illusion that it is a real surveillance camera. Additionally, it sends the message that you are serious about security and might be armed with other more direct security measures, possibly instilling fear into the criminal who triggers the dummy camera's motion detection.

Most fake security cameras employ just a constantly flashing red light along with the authentic housing. It is the classic formula for a dummy spy cam, and it works like a charm. From a distance, there is no way to tell if these cameras are real or not.

You will have to get close to touch them, to be sure, but that risks exposure if the unit is an actual security camera, which is why it is really hard to tell which surveillance cameras are just dummies. Even the basic Dummy Dome Camera with LED and White Body, with its dome casing and flashing red light, is enough to deter experienced criminals.

Some dummies, like the Dummy Mini Dome Camera with LED and IR, employ the added illusion of having infrared sensors. Besides supporting the overall disguise, it could lead some career criminals to believe they are being watched in thermal vision, making them take detours to avoid getting exposed to the camera even in the dark. The fake IR sensors also make this dummy look more legitimate than regular dummy cams.

Another great thing about fake cameras is that unlike the real cams in your surveillance system, they do not need any wiring at all. Installation is almost too easy. Just insert whatever batteries the unit needs, turn it on, pick a place where you can mount or stick it to, and it is good to go.

Dummy Camera Deployment and Tactics

If you want your existing surveillance security system to appear like it has much wider coverage, or if you simply can't afford actual surveillance cameras but need effective visual deterrents against criminal activity, dummy cameras are what you are looking for.

You do not even need to have an existing CCTV system to use dummy cameras. Alone, they can also be very effective. For instance, if you have a warehouse or any piece of property that might be prone to invaders, you can increase security instantly by mounting only fake cams on each and every access point to that property. While it is going to look like you have just invested in a high-tech new surveillance system for detecting criminals, this type of coverage using only dummy cameras might not even cost you $100.

Now, as with any security measure, dummy cameras are best when used in conjunction with other security devices. You can set up a dummy camera in a place where it will be highly visible, allowing criminals to see it out in the open and prompting them to try to avoid its field of vision. This forces criminals to take detours around the camera. You can rig those detours with alarms that also serve as very effective criminal deterrents, especially against home invaders.

Another way to make the most out of fake cameras is to set them up strategically alongside your existing CCTV system. While you can set up a system of real cameras to monitor the condition completely of every square inch of space in a particular area, there is still a chance that experienced criminals will find the holes in your system. Those holes can be covered up via dummy cameras. The more cameras a criminal has to watch out for, the more they are likely to make a mistake and get exposed eventually.

Dummy cameras, like locks, alarms, actual cameras, motion detectors, and other devices, add another layer of security to your home or office. Their effectiveness depends on their strategic placement, which depends on the planning and creativity of whoever is in charge of maintaining security. These marvelously cheap devices can give you the power to fool criminals into thinking that they are being watched for real. It is up to you to use that power wisely.