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Hidden Cameras

Hidden Surveillance Cameras with DVR, Motion Detection and Infrared

There are times when you will want to get video surveillance at home or in your office. To catch someone red-handed, you will need to catch them discreetly on video without them knowing they are being recorded. In these instances, you will need hidden surveillance cameras with DVR.

Regular surveillance cameras like CCTV cams are fine, but there is one big constraint: people can see and identify them. A thief or sexual abuser will do their best to avoid getting seen by those spy cams. A hidden camera becomes the best option since it is completely disguised in plain sight.

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Types of Hidden Cameras

Hidden cameras are surveillance cameras disguised as ordinary objects. They never look like a regular video cam. Some spy cameras are disguised as pens, USB flash drives, alarm clocks, wall clocks, or even exit signs and smoke detectors. When someone looks at them, they will see just an ordinary object instead of a security camera.

There are different types of small hidden cameras with DVR, each one designed for home, office, or mobile use. A wall clock hidden camera is best for home use since every home usually has a wall clock. It will blend right in. For the office, you might want to use an exit sign or a smoke detector disguise.

Great examples of home and office spy cams are a smoke detector HD hidden camera with built-in DVR, tower fan color camera with DVR, and exit sign hidden camera with DVR.

Mobile hidden cameras are different. These are smaller hidden cameras disguised as pins, USB flash drives, and key chains. They can be carried around and are best used when the subject you want to record is moving from room to room. You can keep recording a video while following them.

Some of the best mobile hidden cameras include the HD pen hidden camera with built-in DVR, flashlight hidden camera with DVR, and HD car key hidden camera with DVR.

Some people use the term “nanny cams” for hidden cameras, but nanny cams are technically hidden cameras used to spy on a caregiver. If you are often away from your child and you have to hire a babysitter, using a nanny cam will let you see what the babysitter is doing with your kid.

Features of Hidden Cameras

Just about every hidden camera DVR kit comes with high-definition video recording and motion-activated recording. As the name suggests, they also come with a built-in DVR or digital video recorder. What do all of these terms mean?

A DVR works as a storage drive and converts the video data into a digital format, like AVI or MP4. This allows the video to be viewed on just about any computer, laptop, digital TV, or mobile device like a tablet or phone. You will not have to worry about storage or file conversions since the DVR does it for you.

Motion-activated recording is another highlight of many hidden cam devices. Motion activation means the camera will start recording only when there is movement in front of it. This is perfect for those long stakeouts.

Let us say there is an empty stock room no one enters, but you know a coworker forces an officemate to go in there for forceful sexual purposes. If you did not have motion detection, you would have to sit through hours of empty videos. Now, you do not have to, as the camera will record only the instant someone enters that room.

Infrared or night vision is another important option, but not many hidden cameras feature this. Hidden camera DVR night vision devices are usually for home use. They can be placed outside the home and will monitor covertly what goes on in your backyard, front door, or garage.

You could use a hidden camera with night vision to catch your husband sneaking out at night to cheat with another woman, or you could check if your daughter is meeting a boy secretly while everyone is sleeping. You can also use it to check if burglars are scouting your house at night.

Arguably the most important, though, is high-definition recording. HD recording means you get to record clear, widescreen videos. A blurry video will not be of much use since you may not be able to identify the culprit. With HD recording, you will be able to see everything in the video as clear as day.

HD recording is important when the video will be used in court as evidence. The judge and jury must be able to see who is in the video and what exactly is going on. Blurry videos often will not be considered useful for evidence so make sure your covert camera can get HD-quality recordings.

Using Hidden Cameras

Now, where would all these features and types of hidden cameras be used? One word can sum up why these are needed: security. You will need a hidden camera for home security or office security, one way or another.

Perhaps you need video evidence of a cheating spouse or you think an officemate is stealing records or information from the company you work for. Maybe someone is being sexually harassed at the office, or maybe your children are doing something bad at home while you are away.

Thieves might be scouting your home. Criminals might be lurking at the office backdoor. Probably, your supervisor is keeping information from your coworkers, and you need a camera to catch them red-handed using that information.

There is just one thing: make sure you ask the authorities first regarding video cameras with audio. In many places, you are allowed to record videos discreetly, but it is illegal to record audio. To be sure, always consult the authorities first because you do not want to get arrested when trying to do the right thing.

Hidden surveillance cameras with DVR are important not only for your peace of mind but also because they might be the only way of gathering solid evidence against a wrongdoer. If you think something fishy is going on, do not hesitate to get it on cam.