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Professional Cameras

HD Hi-Res Professional Grade Surveillance Cameras & Board Cameras

Whether you are managing a bank, a shopping mall, or a department store, you will understand that security is of the utmost importance. Professional grade surveillance cameras are a necessity in order to watch over a big organization or company's assets properly.

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High-Resolution Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance cameras, such as CCTV cams, are placed around a business' premises in order to maintain visual security constantly. If something ever happens, those video cameras will have the evidence needed in court. They can also be used to spot thieves trying to break in.

However, bigger companies have bigger assets to take care of. A small convenience store might do well with just regular CCTV, but a bank will need cameras that can identify a person's face clearly even at night or from a distance, such as from the entrance to the bank's parking lot.

This is why only the top rated video security cameras are advisable. They might be a bit more expensive but, in the long run, will be able to keep a company more secure than ever.

What Are Surveillance Video Cameras?

Surveillance cameras are basically video cameras placed strategically around the premises to gather video evidence. They are often placed around a business' entrance, a parking lot, and near any cashier or where money flows constantly.

Modern video surveillance cameras no longer run on tape and are purely digital. They have a built-in DVR, which converts the video into a digital file type, such as MP4, which most computers, TV sets, and other devices can access and watch.

High-resolution or hi-res security cameras are those built with more powerful lenses and recording capacity. High-definition or HD cameras often record videos with either a 720p or 1080p resolution, meaning they are crystal-clear even when viewed on a large screen.

These security cameras come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and different types. Some are visible in plain sight, while others are disguised as ordinary objects. Some are best for daylight security, whereas others are meant for outdoor use at night.

Going HD with Surveillance for Security

When security is in discussion, one of the most important aspects is video clarity. If, for example, a group of teenagers vandalized the walls of your company, or some of your employees caused trouble within the building's premises, you would need to be able to see their faces. Otherwise, the video would not prove much use as evidence.

HD videos have very little noise and have such a high pixel density that they can create images so clear you will not have any trouble identifying the faces in them. You can even zoom up really close, and the video will be clear enough to read print on people's clothing.

Some video surveillance cameras can create hi-res images only up close. CMOS cameras are cheaper and easier to manufacture, but they create more visual noise, which is the grainy texture on the images, so they are best for watching over a small area.

CCD cameras are the more traditional video camera type and can create crystal-clear images with very little noise. This type is the best security camera for distance since it will still produce clear images. The only problem is that it is more expensive, so place yours strategically.

Different Types of Security Cameras

The most common security cameras are the dome cameras and the bullet cameras. Dome cameras are easy to spot, but they are the best when it comes to range. Dome types can rotate their cameras to cover a large area and are easy to install, too, since they latch on to ceilings.

Bullet cameras, such as our HD Waterproof Bullet Camera, is best for outdoor security. These are placed on a fixed mount so they can't rotate and are protected permanently by a rain guard. This allows them to record surveillance videos continually even when it is storming outside.

And then there are hidden cameras, which use board cameras. A board camera is any camera that has its lens attached directly to its circuit board, allowing it to save space. This allows the camera to be smaller in size. Cameras on smartphones are board cameras, for example.

Hidden cameras use board cameras to a different level. Because of their small size, these cameras can be disguised as ordinary objects. You will find hidden cameras disguised as functional USB flash drives, exit signs, smoke detectors, and even as desktop alarm clocks.

If you run a large department store or a bank, you can have several of these covert spy cameras scattered around. They can be used to monitor money coming in and out, or employee behavior, or to spot people trying to steal an item or two discreetly from the shelves.

Some board cameras are so small they hardly need to be disguised. One example is our High Resolution CMOS Camera with Audio. A video security camera with audio is used rarely since laws are more restrictive about recording audio compared to recording video. However, surveillance cams with audio are great for monitoring offices and areas with a lot of cash flow.

How to Choose Professional Surveillance Cameras

There are a few features you should always be on the lookout for because these will guarantee you get the best video security cameras possible for professional and critical uses.

Of course, you will want to make sure they can take high-resolution videos.  This is perhaps the most important feature of all. No matter what type of camera you are getting, make sure it is a high-resolution camera.

Night vision is a good feature for cameras that will be placed outdoors. They should also be waterproof, so having a few bullet cameras will be to your benefit. If you manage a customer service business, a bank, or an office space, then having audio recording is also a must.

Accessibility is another important feature. Make sure the recorded videos are easy to watch. Most surveillance cameras allow you to take out their SD card or mini SD card, or they can at least hook up to a computer or TV via USB cable.