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The PowerPack portable charger will give you piece of mind when you are on the go and need to charge your phone, tablet, or any USB charged device.

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Detailed Description

Survival Portable Charger Dual USB Port & Dual Output

Remember that your own smartphones and pocket Internet devices are great additions to any survival kit. Sometimes, we forget that the phones in our pockets are international communication devices as well as great places to store survival-related information. And if you have the PowerPack Portable Charger, you can ensure you will have access to these capabilities, even in emergencies that bring about total power outages. For this portable charger dual USB port and output capabilities are included, making it doubly useful.

Survival Kits, Tools, and Scenarios

This portable charger that uses batteries is a vital addition to any survival kit on the market. It is because survival kits are assembled ultimately for the purpose of having control over survival situations. These kits are collections of items that can give you some measure of control when faced with the particular scenarios for which the kits are designed.

That is why flashlights are part of plenty of different survival kits. Having control over darkness can give you better chances of survival, no matter what scenario you are going through. From outdoor camping and roadside accidents or emergencies to floods and catastrophes, flashlights and batteries are going to come in handy. Thus, the respective survival kits for such situations sometimes include more than one flashlight.

Other universally useful items for exerting control are the basic knife and any water filtration device. No matter the situation, there is always something that needs to be cut with a reliable and sharp knife. It can also function as personal protection when necessary. Similarly, any situation can use clean, potable water, even if the only viable sources of water are somewhat questionable in terms of drinkability.

When you have these universally useful items in your survival kit, you have the means to exert control over whatever survival situation, giving you overall better chances of surviving whatever situation you are in.

The PowerPack Portable Charger

Fully compatible with most devices that use USB cables in order to charge, this portable charger can allow you to keep using your electronic communication and info storage devices, even if no power outlets are readily available.

When it comes to any portable charger how long to charge is one of the first questions you need to ask. The device’s 5000mAh lithium polymer battery takes 7 hours to charge via power outlets through its wall adapter. Alternatively, you can charge it fully on a laptop or a computer for 12 hours. So, if you are planning your camping trip for the next day, you should start charging it right now. For safety purposes, here are some specifications: its input is DC 5V or 1A, and its output is DC 5V or 1 x 1A and 1 x 2.1A.

5 LED indicators on the PowerPack allow you to see how much power or charge is left in its battery. And thanks to the product’s drop-resistant and tough, shockproof design, it is the perfect power bank for any outdoor recreational trip and/or emergency survival scenario.

When it comes to the comparison of a portable charger vs extra battery, which do you think comes out on top? Different devices function via different batteries. Bringing an extra battery for your particular phone or Internet-connectivity device ensures extra power for that device alone. However, if you bring along this portable charger, you will be able to provide extra emergency power for nearly any modern USB-charged device.

It is like having a small container that allows you to take some of the electricity in your walls, so you can use it later when you are out of the house. As you can imagine, the device has tons of applications outside of emergency situations. Other than being compatible with all survival kits, it is one of those survival tools that are also highly compatible with everyday life, especially if you and/or your family love using electronics.

Survival Equipment/Situations Compatible with the PowerPack

The ability of the PowerPack Portable Charger to charge electronic devices is useful throughout the entire spectrum of emergency and outdoor survival scenarios. Anytime a USB-charged device has no more power, it is going to come in handy. This is not just limited to phones, tablets, and other common mobile devices.

Other USB-charged electronics can be useful in a myriad of survival situations. This includes electric horns, outdoor camping or bike lights, and even electronic lighters. If you have a PowerPack in your kit, you can extend the batteries of any of these devices, ultimately giving you better chances at survival (or in some cases, just better comfort).

In this way, the device is compatible with any survival tool. When your survival skills or tools can no longer hack it, the PowerPack and a phone can get you some much needed help or rescue. When you have this device, calling for help is always an option. Alternatively, its ability to keep you connected to the Internet while outdoors can breathe new life into your survival skills and toolset.

Armed with a Survival Knife, a Mini Water Filter Pump, a Paracord Grenade Survival Kit, and the means to look for information online, you can be on the fast track to becoming a true survivalist. With minutes of online research and the tools you need to apply your skills, it will be fairly easy to survive whatever situation you have been thrown into.

What Else Comes with the PowerPack?

Besides the charger itself, purchase comes with the following: a built-in micro USB charging cable (which is going to work with most modern android phones) and a built-in USB charging cable (which will work for bigger devices). There is an instruction manual that comes with the package, and it can answer any of your questions that were not answered by reading this article.

If you are interested in the PowerPack, you should also consider the SolarPack foldable solar charging pack. Put these two together, and you will be able to use your electronic communication devices for days without having to use the included wall adapter. They are the perfect pair for providing instantly the means for electronic communications in any emergency.

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