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Tactical Black Crown Tip Screw Cap Pen

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Tactical Black Crown Tip, Screw Cap Pen with Refill Measures 6 1/4" x 1/2"

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Detailed Description

Tactical Black Pen with Screw Cap & DNA Catcher Crown Tip

Emergencies happen all the time. You never know when someone might creep up on you during the night and mug you. You might need a DNA catcher pen with screw cap to fend off and identify a mugger, or you might need a glass breaker to get out of a sinking car.

Of all the different types of self-defense tools, either a screw cap pendant or pen might seem the most unique, especially if you are already acquainted with knives and kubotan striking rods. After all, what is a DNA catcher pen, and what is it really used for?

The Tactical Black Crown Tip Screw Cap Pen is designed primarily for self-defense. It is disguised to look like a regular pen, allowing you to carry it with you without anyone getting suspicious about it. However, it can prove to be a very important tool when your life is in the balance.

The Black Tactical Crown-Tip Screw-Cap Pen and DNA Catcher as a Writing Pen

It looks like a pen, it feels like a pen, and it even has an ink cartridge so it can write like a pen. The ink flows out smoothly, making it the ideal pen for signing papers and checks. The black-finished ribbed aluminum body makes it look sleek and professional while also easy to grip.

You even get a replacement cartridge for the ink. This ensures you can keep using it as a pen. It not only prolongs its disguise as a regular pen but also its usability outside of basic survival or self-defense needs.

Like in most sign pens, the cap is designed with a pocket clip that makes it convenient to carry. You can clip it easily to your shirt or to your front breast pocket, or keep it clipped to your bag strap. You will always have this pen at the ready for any emergency.

However, while it works perfectly as a pen, this is merely its disguise, as the real purpose for this pen is to be an essential component in a self-defense kit.

The Tactical Black Screw Cap Pen with DNA Catcher Crown Tip as a Self-Defense Tool

This black tactical pen with a crown-point tip is also a DNA catcher, and that is used mostly for self-defense purposes. If someone attempts to mug you or harm you, then you can use the crown tip to jab or poke them, making it work like a knife. And the crown-point will collect a bit of their blood.

This collected sample can then be given to the authorities so they can use the DNA to identify the culprit. This can be used to help locate the criminal, or it can be used in court as evidence that the person being accused is really the person that tried to harm you.

Because of the pointed tips of the crowned point, you will be able to inflict enough damage to discourage an attacker from continuing their bad intentions. Very often, an attacker will run away once they have been harmed and have realized that their intended victim is armed and ready to fight back.

What they will not expect is that you will have their DNA, allowing the authorities to identify and apprehend them. This ensures, no matter what happens, that you will have the culprit behind bars before they can harm anyone else.

Since this is designed as a pen, no mugger or attacker would think you are armed, which also gives you the surprise advantage. They will keep their guard down since they will assume you are taking out just a pen, only to be surprised when the crown tip strikes down on their face.

Tactical Pens vs. Kubotans

A kubotan, also known as a key chain stick or rod, is a small weapon designed for police officers and martial artists to use against would-be attackers. It is small enough for you to keep around a key ring, hence its moniker as a key chain stick, but the solid body and design will be more than enough to knock someone out cold.

A screw cap fountain pen kit with screw cap is designed more or less to resemble the functions of a kubotan. It is roughly the same size and also has the same high-grade aluminum body frame that makes it easy to hold but also durable for full-force strikes. This is not the kind of pen that breaks when used to hit someone with.

Of course, the key difference is that this pen has a crown tip that allows it to collect the DNA of the person attacking you. This becomes crucial when in court or at the police station, as the DNA will be needed as proof to locate and identify the culprit.

When in court, the culprit will come up with an alibi in defense, but they will not be able to deny the evidence brought from DNA testing. With this crown-point pen, you will be able to apprehend the right criminal without much hassle.

Now, there are two main types of kubotan: the flat-tip and pointed-tip types. This tactical pen with DNA catcher crown tip is designed to have both types built into one weapon. It can be used as a blunt striking weapon due to its shape and build, but the crown tip also makes it a powerful pointed kubotan type of weapon.

The Ultimate Compact Self-Defense Weapon

This tactical pen can serve as the ultimate self-defense weapon. It is built like a kubotan and shares its contemporary’s portability and durability, but it is disguised as pen, making it less suspicious to keep with you at all times.

Its crowned tip makes it both a perfect blunt and pointed striking weapon. And it has the capability of catching DNA for the authorities to later use to apprehend a culprit that may have gotten away.

Better yet, this pen writes and comes with an extra cartridge, ensuring it is the only self-defense tool you will need for a very long time. It is portable, strong, and designed for both beginners and expert self-defense fighters to use efficiently and quickly.

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