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Tactical Black Pull Cap Glass Breaker

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Tactical Black Pull Cap Glass Breaker Tip Pen with Refill Measures 6 1/4" x 1/2"

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Detailed Description

Black Refillable Glass Breaker Tactical Pen with Pull Cap

When an emergency or a disaster occurs, one of your primary considerations should be to create an escape plan in order to gather your bearings and get yourself to safety. In preparation for such an escape, getting yourself a glass breaker tactical pen would be a very wise choice. For survival, tools for escape are as essential as a first-aid kit. Being ready with an escape plan and the tools to carry it out is far more beneficial than finding yourself in a panic-induced event and sorely unprepared to survive that event.

Since no one can tell when they will find themselves in a survival situation, the next best thing to do is be prepared for that. With the world witnessing harsher climate conditions and unpredictable natural disasters now, you have to equip yourself with necessary survival gear to get you through these unthinkable times. This Tactical Black Pull Cap Glass Breaker Pen will help you escape from collapsed buildings or trapped vehicles during an earthquake, a hurricane, and similar.

The Essential Kit to Survival

We cannot deny that we are surrounded by the comforts of modern technology, but when the time comes, they might just become obstacles to tackle. For example, a vehicle caught in a flashflood is rendered useless, even turned into a deathtrap, no matter how high-tech it is.

If you get locked in one by the rapid torrent of water keeping your door shut with sheer pressure, this Tactical Black Pull Cap Glass Breaker Pen would surely come in handy, as it gives you a means of escape. It is an extremely useful tool to have at the ready.

Survival kits are composed of tools and equipment like it that would help you typically get through calamities. Although all such kits pack the essentials, meaning a type of shelter, water source, and food, some cater to a specific calamity or other emergency situation. An earthquake survival kit may have a portable radio, a typhoon survival kit could come with a signal gun, and a 72-hour bug-out bag would pack resources good for three days. All three types of survival kits, and many others, can gain from having a tactical glass breaker as well.

How Handy a Glass Breaker Pen Is

This tactical pen with glass breaker combines the practicality of having a refillable writing tool in hand and that of having survival gear that can fit perfectly in a pocket. The pen has a sturdy, hardened tip at one end. That glass breaker tip allows you to break tempered glass with great ease, such as in a car window or a windshield.

The Black Pull-Cap Tactical Glass Breaker Pen would really come in handy should you find yourself trapped and the only thing left between you and freedom is a glass pane. In such a case as your car getting caught in the middle of a flashflood or it sinking to the bottom of a lake, water pressure would be enough to keep the doors shut, making your attempts to break free futile. That is where this glass breaker pen would be beneficial.

What you would have to do is use the tactical pen to tap the glass with sufficient pressure, and the glass window is sure to give way. Remember to shield your eyes, as shards of glass might sputter all around.

This does not mean that our pen glass breaker would be of use only in isolated cases. It is, after all, a 100% functioning pen that writes quite well. The purchase even comes with a free replacement ink cartridge. Its refillable pen function makes it different from other emergency glass breakers, as it is practical enough to be a survival tool for everyday carry.

For an easy grip whether for glass breakage or for writing, it measures only 6 ¼ inches long and ½ inch in diameter at its widest section. The tactical pen has a metallic pocket clip, so you will not need to fumble for it. This pen clip allows for easy retrieval, which is essential in any survival situation.

Worthy Companions to a Lifesaving Pen

The Black Pull-Cap Tactical Glass Breaker Pen is so useful yet easy to carry that it is better to have it and never get to use it rather than need it and not have it. When the time comes that you have to create your own exit, this tactical glass breaker could save your life. Being prepared significantly dictates the survivalists’ code.

Now, if you ever find yourself in a survival situation that calls for the use of a glass breaker, the chances are that you also need a cutting tool. The Survival Knife with Cord Wrapped Handle that we have available is highly advisable. Just like our tactical pen glass breaker, it is compact and easy to carry around. It comes with a nylon sheath, so it can be among your survival gear without you having to worry about it damaging other equipment.

The main purpose of a glass breaker is to aid escape, which would often mean that you could be in unfamiliar territory. Put the odds further in your favor with our Paracord Bracelet. The bracelet is made out of 550 paracord, which you can use as very, very strong rope. The mini kit has a built-in compass to help you navigate, an emergency whistle, and a flint bar to help you start a signal fire.

Apart from the tactical pen with a simple pull cap serving as a writing tool for everyday use, it has a glass breaker tip made out of heavy-duty materials that can withstand heavy use. As such, this dual-function pen can be very useful as a self-defense weapon, too, and the sturdy design allows for it to be used as such.

For all those reasons, you should add this tactical pen glass breaker to your survival gear gift ideas. If paramedics and other first responders often have a glass breaker handy, then civilians should be no exception. Your family’s safety and yours should be top priority, and having a complete set of survival gear would guarantee that.

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