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Tactical Black Screw Cap Glass Breaker Tip Pen with Flashlight

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Tactical Black Screw Cap, Glass Breaker Tip Pen with Flashlight Measures 6 1/4" x 1/2" Flashlight runs on 1 AAA battery not included.

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Detailed Description

Black Tactical Pen Glass Breaker & Screw Cap with Flashlight

When you are trapped in emergency situations, the ability to break glass quickly can really come in handy. This tactical pen glass breaker flashlight allows you to break through windows, wind shields, and glass cases that protect fire extinguishers and emergency alarm buttons. And that is not all. The Tactical Black Screw Cap Glass Breaker Tip Pen with Flashlight can even be used to light your way in the dark. Its toughness and versatility make this item a must for survival kits.

What Are Survival Kits?

The main function of a survival kit is simple: to help you survive the particular situation for which the kit was prepared. Thus, an emergency flood survival kit would have everything you need in order to escape a flood and live through the experience. An auto emergency survival kit would be equipped with devices and items that can help you get through everything from sudden breakdowns to vehicular collisions.

Why would this glass breaker pen be a viable addition to any of these kits? Thanks to the varied abilities of the device, there are plenty of reasons that almost any survival kit would benefit from having this particular device in its inventory. In fact, it is not just suitable for emergency survival kits. Even the typical outdoor camping or bug-out survival kit would be more useful if it included this tactical pen.

Think about it: in any of those situations, there is a possibility that you will have to work in the dark. This is something that the device’s included flashlight can help you with greatly. For heavier tasks such as breaking through glass in order to escape a car or a building, you can rely on the same device.

These are just some of the reasons that nearly each and every existing survival kit you are planning to put together will be able to make use of this multifunctional pen. And thanks to its size, you will not have to worry too much about making room for one more extra piece of survival gear.

How Useful Are a Pen, Glass Breaker, Kubotan, and Flashlight in One?

There are plenty of reasons that the Black Tactical Pen with Glass Breaker Tip, Screw Cap & Flashlight would be useful to you in the event of an emergency or survival situation. The very fact that it is a reliable working pen is enough for you to bring it along in an emergency. Instead of a normal fountain pen with screw cap, you can just bring this multifunctional tool pen.

It may be a little heavier than your standard pen, but the benefits are worth the bit of extra weight you will be carrying. At just 6 ¼ inches long and half an inch wide, this screw on cap pen is really 3 tools in 1. Other than allowing you to jot down important notes, instructions, messages, and even schematics on paper, this particular survival item is capable of much, much more.

You will notice that its metal body is ribbed. This is to enhance your grip when you are using the device for its rougher capabilities. With the screw cap on, that is when the device is a viable glass breaker. Depending on how you hit the glass and the type of glass you are attempting to break, glass breakage may or may not result in your hand or arm getting cut. You can be safer by wrapping parts of your arm in leather or thick fabric for protection before going for the break. Remember to turn your face and eyes away from the point of impact for greater protection.

You also will not need to hold back, as the body of the device is strong aluminum. It is virtually indestructible for its glass-breaking purposes. If you do not need to break any glass and need it just to write, you can twist the screw cap off to reveal the ball pen part of the device.

On the other end are the flashlight and the pocket clip. The light requires an AAA battery in order to function. This makes the pen device your most reliable flashlight. Not only will you be able to illuminate your way across dark and possibly dangerous areas, but if you do so with the screw cap on, you will also be armed automatically with a glass breaker that can be used as a kubotan melee weapon.

Kubotans are really short metal pointed sticks that are held like daggers but only extend to a short way beyond the fist. This gives them a much shorter range than most knives but also gives their wielder the ability to use them to gain leverage via armed grappling. Applied properly, kubotan-based self-defense grappling and striking can disarm and even immobilize instantly any criminal who makes the mistake of trying to harass you.

Pen, flashlight, and kubotan – this device is all of these 3 tools, combined into a ½-inch-thick tactical pen that is less than 7 inches long. Why would you not make it part of your survival kit?

Writing, Lighting, Self-Defense, and Survival

Some survival situations are tricky enough to require you to pull out all your tricks and techniques for survival. Sometimes, this means combining the abilities of your different survival gear essentials in order to maximize their potential to be useful.

With a writing tool that is also a flashlight and a kubotan weapon, it is easy to justify the inclusion of this multipurpose device in your kit. And with this device in your kit, you will be able to write down each and every vital piece of information that can contribute to your ability to survive in certain places and situations.

The Paracord Camo Belt that is available with us gives you tens of feet of Paracord to use. You can maximize it by writing down and even illustrating vital camping and hunting knots that are bound to be useful in any camp in the woods. And what is the perfect way to attach our Survival Knife to a straight wooden pole via Paracord? Write and draw it on paper.

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