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Tactical Black Twist Pen

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Tactical Black Twist Pen with Refill Measures 6 1/4" x 1/2"

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Detailed Description

Tactical Black Twist Pen with Glass Breaker Retractable Tip

A tactical pen with glass breaker is not usually a part of most survival or emergency kits, which is a shame because there are plenty of situations where it can prove to be highly useful. This Tactical Black Twist Pen can give you access to the standard glass cases used to hold most fire extinguishers. If you are trapped in a car after a collision, it can allow you to break your way out. Considering the minimal space it takes up and what it can do, a pen glass breaker should figure in different survival kits.

Why Get a Survival Kit?

If you are planning on getting a survival kit for yourself, you should first identify what you need it for. Every emergency/survival kit that you can buy was put together in order to address a particular scenario. The different items that comprise such a kit are all based on the different factors that you can expect to encounter in that scenario.

Each and every item should be portable, and more importantly, vital to enhancing your ability to take control. For instance, in a flood or earthquake emergency kit, a device that can filter questionable sources of water into drinkable water would be a welcome addition. This is because, during the scenarios for which this kit was designed, there is a chance that regular city services like clean water will be suspended, which calls for a device with which you can create potable water.

There are also auto-accident or road emergency survival kits. As you can surmise from what they are called, these kits are assembled in order to aid you in the event of on-the-road emergencies. Whether you are part of an accident or just a spectator or first responder, this type of kit contains items that allow you to be of some help during the situation.

This is where a glass breaker pen can be of some use. A tactical pen glass breaker is the easiest way to go through glass. With it, you will have a better chance of surviving vehicular accidents. You will also have way better chances at rescuing people from car wrecks.

Those are common examples of emergency survival kits. Take note, however, that not all survival kits are made for addressing emergencies. While not designed for more common and immediate emergencies, bug-out bags are all about survival when worse comes to worst. The items in such a kit would allow you to live off the land, off the grid, and on your own, without access to modern amenities.

An Everyday Object with Survival Applications

At 6 ¼ inches long and half an inch wide, this Tactical Black Twist Pen with Glass Breaker Tip is something you can take with you every day. Why would you need to? It is simple: you never really know when you will need to have a way to break glass easily and quickly. If there is anything you can really be sure about regarding emergencies and survival, it is that you should be ready for anything.

The good news is this is one of those devices that allow you to be ready 24/7. It is not only highly portable, it is also a working pen. Whatever your job is or whoever you are, you are bound to need a pen at some point. Why not make that pen a doubly useful device? Instead of getting a regular pen as a gift for someone’s birthday, why not make it the best tactical pen glass breaker available?

You may have noticed that this pen glass breaker does not really look like an ordinary pen. It looks a bit like a sleek weapon, and in the event you need to defend yourself, it can be used in that way. Its textured aluminum body makes it very easy to grip with your fingers, which is very important if you are going to use it to either defend yourself or break glass.

The reason it is made of aluminum is that it was designed to be highly tough. The Black Tactical Twist Pen and Glass Breaker might be the most durable piece of office equipment you will ever buy. Additionally, connected to its body is a pocket clip, which allows you to carry it easily.

The pen end of the device itself writes quite well. It is retractable, so the pen part can be protected when you are using its other end to break glass. Twist the device to reveal the pen, and then twist it again to retract it. If you are worried about running out of ink for it, do not be. A replacement pen ink cartridge is included with the purchase.

Make Your Own Car Emergency or Survival Kit

Using just a few products that are available right here, you can make your own survival kit for auto-related emergencies. Other than this pen glass breaker, you will need other easy-to-carry devices that will undoubtedly be useful in the event of a vehicular emergency and/or accident. Other than the possibility that you will have to break glass quickly and efficiently, there are other things you need to be able to do (for which you will need other devices).

The Portable Jump Starter Power Station is for non-collision-related auto emergencies. It is a cell phone charger, an emergency light, and a power source that has enough juice to jumpstart a gasoline engine. It is less than 6 inches long and just 3 inches wide – easy to fit into any survival kit bag or case.

There is also the Paracord Camo Belt with Metal Belt Buckle. It is a belt that you can wear on your waist to hold your pants in place, but that is not all. Made of woven paracord, this wearable piece of survival gear can be unwound into almost 100 feet of high-strength utility rope.

If your glass breaker pen device is nowhere to be found, another item that can be used to break glass is the classic Survival Knife. You can also use it to cut seatbelts that have been stuck in place due to collisions.

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