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Tactical Silver Crown Tip Screw Cap Pen

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Tactical Silver Crown Tip, Screw Cap Pen with Refill Measures 6 1/4" x 1/2"

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Detailed Description

Silver Tactical Pen Screw Cap with DNA Catcher Crown Tip

This tactical pen screw cap can potentially turn you into any criminal’s worst nightmare. The Tactical Silver Crown Tip Screw Cap Pen is basically a kubotan weapon that can also be used as a pen. When utilized properly, kubotan self-defense techniques can be harrowingly effective at dispatching criminals, especially when you use this particular kubotan pen and its aptly named, semi-edged end, the ‘DNA catcher’. With one stab of this weapon, you can instantly make a criminal regret their life choices.

The Need for Weapons in Survival Kits and Scenarios

The emergencies and survival scenarios for which survival kits are designed push humans to their limits. During an earthquake, flood, hurricane, or whatever other emergency scenario, some people might just get desperate enough to extort you for food or other vital resources. You can either give up your stuff or fight back. If you prefer the latter option, then you definitely need survival gear that can be used as weapons.

Why is the DNA catcher pen an ideal item for survival kits? There are three main reasons for this. Number one is that it is also a working pen. No matter the situation, the location, and what you do for a living, you are going to need to write something down at some point. This means you are less likely to forget bringing it. This also means it is as infinitely useful as any pen.

Number two is that it is highly portable. You can carry it in your pocket and forget about it until you need to use it. The pen is going to fit virtually anywhere and not take up a lot of space. Whatever type of survival kit you are putting together, you can include this pen weapon in the list of items without worrying about inventory space.

Number three is that this portable working pen is also a serious close-quarters weapon. You do not even have to end up in an emergency situation in order to find it useful. If you have one of these in your camping or outdoor survival kit, you would genuinely have the option to fight back against criminals who might want to take advantage of the fact that you are out in the woods, with the police and other law enforcement being miles away. This is why a small, portable, and effective self-defense weapon is a must for any survival kit and scenario.

The Very Real Option of Fighting Back

The Black Tactical Crown-Tip Screw Cap Pen and DNA Catcher features a solid removable blunt tip screw cap that can be used to protect the pen end of the weapon. When this cap is screwed onto the weapon, the entire thing turns into a kubotan with a painfully effective DNA catcher at one end. This is its main difference from a screw cap fountain pen or regular screw cap rollerball pens.

The DNA catcher is designed to retrieve your opponent’s DNA, which can then be used later by the authorities to identify them. If you manage to strike with this end, try to remember where exactly you hit your opponent. That will make it easier for you to corroborate your account of the encounter to the authorities.

Even without the need for retrieving DNA, this end of the weapon is perhaps its most useful part. There is nothing quite as painful as getting stabbed with serrated metal that is designed to grab and hook at the skin. The pain and shock of getting skinned might even be enough for some criminals to back out of a crime they are in the middle of committing.

When you are armed with the Tactical Black Screw Cap Pen with DNA Catcher Crown Tip, you can stab at criminals as hard and as wildly as necessary – all without fear that your weapon is going to fail you by breaking. Thanks to the aluminum body of this one, it is basically indestructible. It is even ribbed so you can have a better grip at it while fighting off criminals.

When you are about to head into a potentially dangerous area or situation, you can secure the weapon in your pants or shirt pocket via the pocket clip. It will be easy: the thing is just 6 ¼ inches long and ½ inch wide. You will look like you are just wearing a pen.

When you look unarmed and unable to fight back, criminals are a lot more likely to underestimate you and approach you with overconfidence. Unfortunately for them, this also makes it a lot easier to surprise them with a stab using the crown-tip DNA catcher end of the weapon.

Applying the Screw Cap Pen in Survival

Having a pen in your repertoire of survival gear can be very, very useful. For instance, with a simple pen and paper, you can record the efficiency of the Portable Mini Water Filter Pump. Compared to the instructions that come with the said pump, how much drinking water can you really produce from questionable watering holes? How many liters can you go through before having to replace the filters needed by the pump?

You could also mark your map regarding which particular watering holes can be filtered for potable water, and which ones are too dirty to filter. If you are camping for a couple of days, a pen and paper can be used to maintain an inventory of your current supplies, as well as keep track of your daily consumption of the said supplies. Why use a pen and paper and not just your smart phone? Well, besides the fact that these do not require batteries, it also helps to remember stuff when you physically write them down on paper.

Besides, some tasks and notes are better executed on paper. For instance, in order to make the most out of a Paracord Grenade Survival Kit, or any Paracord product for that matter, you can list and draw the different useful knots and tying techniques that will come in handy during survival scenarios.

A replacement ink cartridge comes free with the purchase of this tactical pen.

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