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Tactical Silver Twist Pen

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Tactical Silver Twist Pen with Refill Measures 6 1/4" x 1/2"

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Detailed Description

Silver Refillable Retractable Twist Tactical Pen with Glass Breaker

Natural disasters test the structural integrity of the toughest infrastructure. When rubble blocks your way out of a building, your only way out may be breaking a window. For this purpose, a tactical pen with glass breaker will work wonders. You should always be prepared for an emergency. An important part of preparedness is setting yourself up to be able to escape from a disaster.

The Necessities for a Survival Kit

Certain things are associated commonly with a survival kit. These include an adequate supply of food and water, as well as medicinal items such as bandages, rubbing alcohol, and antibiotics. A Tactical Silver Twist Pen that can break glass is another excellent thing to have because you will need to break windows and glass for improvised pathways and exits.

Aside from these, objects for navigation such as maps and compasses are great things to have in your survival kit. You should also bring multipurpose tools with you. Waterproof matches and lighters keep you warm until help arrives. You should carry a small yet sufficient amount of cash as well, and identification materials for you and your family.

The aforementioned objects are what you need generally. However, there is sometimes a need for specialized survival kits, for example, one for going to a landslide-prone location. The same applies to going to places that are susceptible to wildfires, earthquakes, or typhoons.

For instance, an earthquake preparedness kit would have dust masks and goggles ideally. These are used to filter the air you breathe in that kind of a scenario and protect your lungs from the potentially damaging dust particles. When an earthquake strikes, you should be carrying water purification paraphernalia with you, as it would be difficult to find a clean source of water during those times.

In case of a typhoon or a hurricane, the things you should have in your survival kit are pretty specific. First of all, you should bring a more-than-adequate supply of dry clothing. Staying in rain-drenched clothes all day would most likely lead to sickness. Secondly, you should carry various types of medicine around in case someone does contract an illness.

Survival kits are not always used for disaster situations. There are kits known as “bug-out bags,” which are used by survivalists whenever they go out on excursions. These usually contain a sufficient supply of food, clothing, tools, and communication gear. There should also be water purification and medical equipment.

How to Escape a Destroyed Building

During times of disaster, a lot of people get trapped inside collapsed buildings. These buildings would range from their office to their school and even their own home. Doors could become inaccessible due to rubble buildup, while other exits might be covered with other perils, such as flooding, fire, or exposed electrical wiring. These are the times when your only way out is through a window.

Sometimes, windows are made from thicker glass than normal. This presents a problem, as an extra amount of effort is needed to break such windows, and more often than not, you will not have enough energy left to shatter their glass safely. A glass breaker tactical pen will save you a great deal of trouble, as it can go through very thick glass.

Regarding its ability to break glass, this Tactical Silver Twist Pen with Glass Breaker Tip is very efficient for a glass-breaking device of its size. It is considerably small, coming in at only 6 ¼ inches by ½ inch in measurements. This makes it extremely light in weight and portable. You will not have any trouble carrying it around, even if you do so for the entire day.

The textured body of the tactical pen helps you grip it tightly, so you can exert more force with the use of less effort for the purposes of glass breakage.

Still, the best tactical pen glass breaker provides effectiveness not only as a survival device but also as an all-around, always useful pen. In that respect, this product does not disappoint.

A Universally Useful Tactical Pen

This device is not only disguised as a pen. It also functions as one. Its usefulness as a glass breaker surely does not take away from its uses as a pen. The spring loaded glass breaker pen has a built-in retractable pen tip. All you have to do is twist it open or close. Its ease of use is all the more reason for you to have it on your person at all times, as every second counts during an emergency.

Considering its functionality as a pen, it writes quite well. You will find yourself pulling it out and using it on a regular basis, which is helpful because you never know when disaster will strike.

This Silver Tactical Twist Pen and Glass Breaker also comes in a black variant. The purchase of either model includes a free replacement ink cartridge for your convenience.

Because it looks like an ordinary pen, it will not raise any suspicion. Even if people take a good hard look at it, they will think it is only a pen without any other purpose. You can carry it around with you basically anywhere you go. For easier carrying, it sports a pocket

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