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Target Darts 100 Pack

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100 Pack of Target Darts

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Detailed Description

Target Darts 100-Piece Pack Blowgun Ammo for Sale

Besides penetrating easily through ¼ inch of plywood, there are plenty of things that you can do with a blowgun. Target practice with non-moving targets is just the tip of the iceberg. Once you get the hang of aiming your blowgun properly and landing tremendously accurate shots, you can teach yourself to shoot while moving, do trick shots, or even shoot birds as they are flying in the air. However you want to use your blowgun, you are going to need this Blowgun Target Darts 100-Pack. Availing yourself of this much blowgun ammo for sale ensures you will never run out of ammunition while you are shooting.

Blowgun Darts: Your Basic Blowgun Ammo

Without ammunition, your .40 caliber blowgun is just a tubular piece of T-6061 aircraft-grade aluminum – incredibly tough and lightweight but completely useless as a ranged weapon. The most basic blowgun ammunition is the metal dart, and if you purchase this pack, you will be getting 100 pieces of it. Why would you need that much ammo? Well, if you want to get good at shooting your blowgun, you will need lots of ammo for practice.

Before you can shoot accurately at long ranges, before you move on to using blow gun arrows or those blow gun tranquilizer darts for sale at your local source of ammo, and before you can shoot a bird out of the air, you are going to need tons of practice. Having a bunch of ammo on hand means that you will not have to move around as much during practice just to retrieve ammo from your targets. You will have more time and energy that you can use for aiming and shooting your blowgun.

This is great for when shooting non-moving targets and learning to shoot from longer and longer distances with each day that you practice. You will get to shoot 100 times before having to walk to your target piece of plywood (or whatever you are shooting at).

When you are confident enough with your skills to go hunting for small game, it is when you will really appreciate your decision to purchase a large pack of ammo. The small skulls of squirrels and rabbits can be difficult targets, but targeting them is the best way to ensure a sure kill. You might have to go through a bunch of darts before you perfect the headshot.

Hunting in the woods can result in a fair loss of ammo. You might miss with some hard shots and not be able to find your darts anymore. Hit prey in a non-lethal area and it might manage to escape, taking your dart along with it. If your life is being threatened by a wild animal, like a wolf, you might have to shoot it several times to convince it to back off, also taking your ammo as it leaves. With this Blowgun Target Darts 100-Piece Pack, you will have plenty of ammunition no matter which of these scenarios crosses your path.

Darts are effective blowgun ammunition because of several reasons. As you can see from how much this 100-Pack is being sold, these darts are pretty cheap to make. They are also very lightweight and compact. You can carry the entire pack in your pocket, and it will have very little to no impact on your movement. Their aerodynamics is simple and practical: any dart that is straight and sharp is going to fly in a consistent arc with almost no air resistance. This is what allows them to penetrate through ¼ inch and even ½ inch of plywood. And all they need to fly at your target is the free and clean energy that any healthy pair of lungs can provide.

Besides their piercing potential, perhaps the best part about these tiny metal darts is they are silent. As long as you are not visible to your target, it is not going to see your dart coming. That is why they are really good for hunting smaller, faster game. And just like with any ranged weapon, their ability to shoot from a distance means you will be able to engage your target while staying safe from retaliation.

Blowgun Ammunition and Blowguns for Sale

Whether you are looking for blow dart guns for sale, ammunition, or blowgun accessories, you will find plenty of useful merchandise on this site. Other than this Blowgun Target Darts 100-Piece Pack, which contains 100 darts and their plastic cones, you can also check out the 250-Pack. That is an even better way to ensure you will not run out of ammo.

Each of the .40 caliber T-6061 aircraft-grade aluminum tubing blowguns that you can purchase here are able to shoot this dart ammunition. If you are looking to buy one or a couple of these blowguns, they are available in 18, 24, 36, 48, 60, and 72 inches.

These Blowguns Can Turn into Paintball Blowguns

One of the most popular blowgun accessories on the market is the Splatmatic. This attachment provides any .40 caliber blowgun with everything it needs to shoot paintballs. The best part is that the mechanism provides your paintball shooting experience with semi-automatic action: just push the button on the Splatmatic and a paintball is loaded instantly into the chamber, ready to be launched with a single solid breath.

You can also get the Splatmatic Magazine Quiver, which attaches paintball magazines to your blowgun, making reloading a cinch. Each paintball magazine on the Splatmatic carries 20 paintballs. Because the Splatmatic Quiver will allow you to carry 4 magazines, you can be armed to the teeth with 80 paintballs, all attached to the weapon itself.

As you can imagine, several blowguns with Splatmatic attachments can be the start of a perfect recipe for a fun weekend. All you need now are some friends who are willing to shoot as well as get hit by paintballs, safety goggles, and a backyard that is spacious enough for a paintball blowgun shootout. For that, you are going to need a lot of paintball ammunition. Thankfully, paintballs are available with us in packs of 100, 250, and 1000.

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