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Wall Clock Hidden Camera with DVR

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Having to monitor a situation or a location becomes necessary the moment you find it surrounded with suspicious activity. There are solutions to this predicament, one of which is to opt for a means of surveillance that is discreet and need not be complicated. This wall clock hidden camera DVR is perfect for the job, and it is not tied down to home use, either. As you can imagine, the workplace can be a place of questionable occurrences, too, perhaps even more so. In contrast to spy cameras, the use of CCTV cameras just defeats the purpose of catching the culprits red-handed because they might simply move elsewhere they can’t be seen.

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Detailed Description

CCD Wall Clock Hidden Camera DVR with Motion Detection

The ability to video subjects without them knowing results in candid footage where anything goes. That leaves you with a better idea of what is really going on, especially when you are not around. Hidden cameras are all designed to be compact and concealable, but some are more inconspicuous than others. Those disguised as ordinary furniture, for instance, would not raise any flags even to paranoid wrongdoers. And few pieces of furniture are more ordinary than wall clocks.

Discreet Monitoring at Home or the Office

In any room, you would hardly find an ordinary clock to be an object worthy of further inspection than glancing at it to check the time. That makes this Wall Clock Hidden Camera with DVR a very effective device for covert surveillance practically anywhere. Besides, it is an actual, operating clock, which gives the device a sense of mundanity in that an unsuspecting criminal would never raise an eyebrow at the sight of a wall clock.

Inside the clock is a self-contained hidden camera that has a built-in motion activated DVR. This allows it to monitor a given area without you having to turn the device on manually each time. It simply detects movement and starts recording once it has done so, resulting in a more efficient monitoring process. This smart setup leaves you with more videos of subjects performing actions rather than hours of motionless furniture footage.

The Wall Clock DVR Hidden Camera houses a 1/3-inch Sony CCD camera image sensor capable of producing clear and crisp footage with 520 TV lines. A free 8GB SD card comes with the purchase. With lower file sizes, a CCD-equipped hidden wall clock camera with motion detection recording to SD card capacities around 8GB can record up to 64 hours’ worth of footage before filling up its memory storage. This eliminates the need to swap out SD memory cards regularly. Moreover, the device supports up to a 32GB SD card capacity for days upon days of recording.

Convenience with a Built-In DVR

The Wall Clock Hidden Camera with Built-In DVR offers the same ease of use as a point-and-shoot camera because the recording device comes built in and an SD card is also provided. This means that there will be no need for any installation process. The covert camera can record out of the box.

Both help greatly with ease in video playback as well. You can view the footage on any monitor or computer using either the SD card slot or the USB slot on the viewing device. You need only to take the SD card out of the camera and plug it into the computer’s SD card slot. Or you plug it into an SD card reader and then plug the reader into the computer’s USB slot.

A remote control is included further, along with the 2 AAA batteries needed to operate it. This ensures even more convenient remote-controlled recording, sparing you from going to your unit and pressing ‘record’ every single time. Really, recording and playback with this Wall Clock Hidden Camera with a DVR are as easy as hanging a new wall clock.

Also, the wall-clock hidden camera kit comes with an overwrite feature on the DVR. This would be helpful in case you forget to clear out an SD card with a full memory before recording. Thus, you could record relentlessly, and there would be no need to keep swapping SD cards out, especially when you know that nothing substantial has been recorded.

While the DVR runs on 12V of AC power, the wall clock itself requires merely 1 single AA battery for power. It measures 13 inches in diameter.

Image Quality and Storage Space

In recent years, you might have seen CMOS image sensors take the digital market, but these come with trade-offs. One of those is a major concern: storage space. Although you can get much clearer images with a CMOS sensor than a CCD sensor, this would be beneficial to only SLR cameras, for example, yet impractical for surveillance cameras given the resulting waste of space.

With that being said, CCD sensors do yield clear images and are more ideal for use in surveillance cameras. These are more practical for continuous monitoring, as they do not require much storage space. CMOS sensors would likely fill up an 8GB SD card with only a few hours of footage, while CCD camera sensors would fill up the same storage capacity with more than 50 hours of footage.

In addition, this wall clock wired high-resolution day/night hidden camera was made to operate well even in dim lighting conditions. Its minimum illumination of .01 lux is equivalent to a quarter-moon illumination. This would be ideal, for example, in a living room, where a burglar might sneak in just when the lights are off. You would get clear enough footage of the crime to use as evidence during an investigation.

These advantages are not limited to a home setting, as wall clocks are common in just about any indoor setting and would not be deemed out of place there. This goes to show the practicality of choosing this DVR spy camera for your covert surveillance needs.

The purchase of this Wall Clock Hidden Camera with a Built-In DVR comes with a remote control, 2 AAA batteries for the remote control, an instruction manual, and an 8GB SD card. The wall clock, powered by a single AA battery, is fully functional.

Features: Functional wall clock, Memory full overwrite feature allows for continuous recording with no need to swap out SD cards, SONY CCD camera, Remote control operation, Motion detection, Resolution: 520 TV Lines, Recording time: 64 hours before filling up a 8GB SD card, Lux rating: 0.1 LUX, Diameter: 13", Power supply: DVR: 12 VAC, Clock: 1 AA Battery

Includes: Wall Clock, Remote control, Instruction Booklet, 2 AAA Batteries for remote control, 8 GB SD Card (Supports up to 32 GB SD Card)

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