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Water Overflow Sensor Attachment

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The Water Overflow Sensor Attachment easily connects to the PAL-1 or PAL-1LIGHT.

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Detailed Description

Water Detector Alarm Sensor Attachment for Overflow & Flooding

Personal alarms are highly underappreciated non-lethal self-defense devices. These alarms are non-confrontational in that they discourage physical confrontation and force escalation, promoting safe escape instead of engaging attackers. This is just one reason that personal alarms are useful for safety and security. What can make them even more useful is this Water Overflow Sensor Attachment, a water detector alarm sensor that can be linked to these alarms.

What Are Personal Alarms, Anyway?

With the use of either electric or aerosol power, personal alarms make extremely loud noises that are impossible to ignore unless you are completely deaf. Aside from being extremely loud, these noises are typically recognizable as distress calls or signals for help, which makes them highly stressful to the criminal ear.

One of the ways in which these devices are most effective for self-defense is how they can get the attention easily of anyone within hundreds of feet away. Even when it is activated in an area that is not crowded, more than a few people are bound to hear the noises made by a portable personal alarm. And that is exactly what criminals do not want.

Criminals like to operate with utmost control over any situation they create. Anytime that control is threatened, their safety and possible profits for the day are threatened as well. That is why a loud distress signal can do a lot to dissuade any street-level criminal. You never know who is within earshot of an extremely loud distress signal. There could be security or police nearby. Worse yet, violent vigilantes might very well respond.

Alternatively, alarming devices can function as the ultimate distraction. This is perfect if you are armed with other non-lethal weapons, be it a canister of pepper spray, a stun gun, a TASER device, an extendable baton, or just your own fists, knees, and feet. Blast an attacker’s ear with a loud personal alarm from less than a foot away, and they are bound to get distracted or confused for at least a second. That is enough to use your other weapon to disarm or incapacitate them. You could also use their confusion as a chance to escape the scene unscathed.

Perhaps the best part about portable alarms is that almost everyone can use them. As long as you can press a button with your fingers, you can make use of this one. If you are looking for a non-confrontational and non-lethal self-defense device for your teenaged son or daughter, consider a powerful personal alarm.

Alarms are so easy to use that they can also be useful outside of violent street emergencies. If any member of your household is elderly, sick, and/or physically disabled, they can use one to call for help instantly should they encounter personal emergencies or need assistance with anything. By pushing a button instead of screaming for help, they can feel a lot safer and less stressed anytime they need to call for help.

Personal Alarms plus a Water Overflow Sensor

This alarm attachment is a special device that can prevent any container of water from overflowing. Attach it to your personal alarm, and then attach the sensor itself to almost any water container. Once water touches the sensor, it will sound the alarm automatically. As you can imagine, this has very practical household uses, such as in washing machines, bathtubs, water heaters, and water tanks.

This also makes it a great warning system against flooding. A water flow sensor with alarm function can be assigned to places that are vulnerable to sudden floods, such as basements or almost any low-lying areas of your home. A suction cup allows it to be secured easily onto most smooth surfaces. In a tiled room, you will not find any trouble looking for a place to mount it.

For preventing waste by informing you automatically of any overflowing water, or for preventing flooding by functioning as an early warning device, a water level sensor alarm circuit is what you are looking for. And with this water sensor for alarm attachment, you can assemble one for your home, as long as you also have one of the compatible alarms.

Alarms Compatible with the Overflow Sensor

The 130dB Alarm with Door Alarm (PAL-1) on the site is a basic personal alarm that can also be used as either a window or a door alarm. This makes it great for travelers who want to take some security with them, wherever they are staying for the night. A strapped pin is attached to the alarm. Once it is pulled out, the alarm goes off. It needs a 9-volt battery to work.

There is also our 3 in 1 130dB Personal Alarm with Light (PAL-1LIGHT), which is similar to the first one but with some differences. At 3 inches in height, 2 inches in width, and an inch thick, it is a very portable device that is easy to take with you anywhere. Besides as a door or window alarm, it can also be used for securing laptops. Once it alarms, a strobe light also activates to attract attention, plus there is a button for using it as a normal flashlight.

Both of these alarms can dish out 130dB (decibels) of noise. Just so you have an idea of how loud that is, you can be exposed to 100 to 110dB just by standing next to a working jackhammer. These alarms are louder than that – about 30dB louder, to be exact. This is why, if you attach this Water Overflow Sensor to one of these alarms, you can turn it into a highly reliable warning device for detecting overflowing or flooding.

Alarms are not just for criminals, intruders, or home invaders. Sometimes, we forget that our immediate environment itself can be a dangerous place. Thankfully, there are devices that remind us to watch out for these dangers. While smoke alarms exist to prevent asphyxiation and stop the escalation of small fires, and heat-detector alarms can allow us to tell immediately when the level of heat is becoming too dangerous, an overflow alarm can protect us from the potential dangers and hassles of water.

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